Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #6

Serait parfait si compatible Applescript

4 star rating
Pour gérer une grande quantété de documents; un pilotage par Applescript serait très utile !!!
By ahrico on Jul 19, 2020, France

Very flexible

5 star rating
I previously had a Windows PC and used MP3tag. On switching to Mac I was disappointed that MP3tag wasn't available, but in my view Tag Editor is better. Its really easy to edit tags, get details from the web and replace artwork.
By Wavydavey22 on Jul 15, 2020, UK


5 star rating
Works well, great way to organize my Sound Files!
By Jackson Drechsler on Jul 14, 2020, USA

Perfect solution to create your library

5 star rating
This is the perfect tool to edit data from songs and albums. Simple, fast...perfect.
By Kattalin21 on Jul 05, 2020, Romania

Sehr gut

5 star rating
Kann ich auch sehr empfehlen. Da alles funktioniert und wirklich gut gemacht ist.
By von tm56 on Jun 30, 2020, Germany


4 star rating
By Kyst1969 on Jun 28, 2020, Japan

Wow I don't know how I lived without this

5 star rating
A must have app if you're a music collector. I'm one of those weirdos with a file server in the house that full of flac files. It's this app that allows me to have a life outside of my hobby.
By IPADUSR on Jun 24, 2020, USA

Excelent app, but don’t let the name fool you - not free at all

5 star rating
I like the simplicity and the functionality, but the name is missleading. To be useful, a subscription must be signed.
By Ivoanathema on Jun 23, 2020, Bulgaria

Genau, was ich gesucht habe

5 star rating
Am Funktionsumfang fehlt wirklich nichts und die Umsetzung ist tadellos. Ich bin dabei meine CD-Sammlung als ALAC/FLAC-Dateien auf meinen NAS zu bringen. Dabei ist dieses Werkzeug hier genau das richtige, um eine vollständiges und konsistentes Tagging zu erhalten. Nicht nur das Abrufen von Tags funktioniert einwandfrei - auch das effiziente manuelle Nacharbeiten ist super unterstützt. Volle Punktzahl.
By RsRsR on Jun 19, 2020, Germany

잘 됩니다

5 star rating
가끔 itunes에서 수정이 안되는 오류가 있어 짜증 났었는데 여기서 앨범 이미지, 제목 등등 전부 수정해서 다시 itunes에 넣으니 문제 없습니다. 무료라 더 좋네요.
By catlovesbeer on Jun 18, 2020, Korea, Republic Of

Tag Editor is a Fantastic App!

5 star rating
Tag Editor is a fantastic app. Adding tags to an extensive music collection is a quick and easy task with this tool. The spreadsheet format provides an excellent birds-eye view of all song information, and it greatly facilitates batch tagging. Tag Editor is a must-have program for the music professional and enthusiast!
By Another Colour Music on Jun 18, 2020, USA