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Works well

5 star rating

Tag Editor has an uncluttered interface that is intuitive. Works well and has been really useful for sorting out tagging problems or for adding tags.

By Echus on Jan 29, 2022, Australia

Davvero valido , indispensabile !

5 star rating

Unica mancanza ... un Analizzatore di BPM embedded ... ma magari , grazie a questo suggerimento , i programmatori ce lo metteranno ... Grazie

By Biciodelta on Jan 17, 2022, Italy

On peut difficilement faire mieux

5 star rating

Permet de tout faire avec les tags. Édition individuelle ou de masse. Paramétrage des champs à afficher... C'est le parfait complément pour Musique (iTunes).

By P-P on Jan 13, 2022, France

Super Useful!

5 star rating

Essential for managing mp3 tags in my music collection. I use it to correct tags in files ripped on different systems over the years, but also to determine original recordings in files from compilations (by examining catalog numbers, ISRCs, barcodes, etc)

By PeterB_ on Jan 10, 2022, USA

Globalement Satisfait Mais...

4 star rating

Dans l'ensemble je trouve plutôt relativement ergonomique. Les fonctionnalités sont très intéréssantes. Il est facile de convertir des tags par centaines et plus... Seul gros point négatif il arrive que des fichiers .mp3 ne soient pas pris en charge malgré leurs prise en charge sur la version free est cela me gene vraiment. Je trouve pas l'intéret de payer si cher une version qui fait moins bien son travail que la version free. J'espere qu'une mise a jour prochaine puise corriger le tir. Il serait également judicieux d'aporter un parametre de changement de Langue FR. Le prix trop élevé gache le tableau. Sinon pour l'instant rien d'autre a signaler.

By Remsoyer on Jan 04, 2022, France

Muy Util y Simple

5 star rating

Esta es la mejor aplicación de edicion de etiquetas de audio que he usado, muy intuitiva, flexible y fácil de usar, la recomiendo 100%

By corgus on Jan 02, 2022, Spain

Brilliant - take the time to learn how to use it

5 star rating

On first opening Tag Editor it looks a bit daunting, but take half an hour to learn how to use it properly, play about with it, set up the data YOU want included, and it rewards you. I now use ti whevere I rip a CD or download an album, and my music has never looked so uniform and accessible. An excellent investment.

By Richie Thomas on Dec 22, 2021, UK

Excellent converter!

5 star rating

It does the job, and does it well. Rght click on the titles fields to add a great deal more, including Lyrics and disk #. AWESOME! Thanks for a great app!

By Dr Pixel on Dec 16, 2021, USA

Excellent, even though it's NOT Free

4 star rating

This is an excellent programme. The User Interface is quiet but effective. Somebody has thought it through and allowed us to get the job done in the least amount of steps and keystrokes. So far so good. Some more features would be nice, and will probably come along, if the fees are reinvested. But there is a cost, and it is a RECURRING cost. I'd normally avoid such costs, but in a very SMALL number of cases I will pay; and this is one of them.

By stevix on Dec 10, 2021, UK


4 star rating

MP3 のタグ変換探していましたが、とてもいい感じです。 更新はかなりされていませんが、Mac OS 11 では問題なく動いているみたいです。 当初 MP4 タグ変換を目的で探していたので、エピソードが編集項目に入っていないので、その他 MP4 タグにも対応してくれるとありがたいですね。

By Kaz0044 on Dec 10, 2021, Japan

Excellent converter!

4 star rating

It does the job, and does it well. I'd give it 5 stars except that I keep seeing "(Disk 1)" on my DAP for tracks that don't show this in the converter, so I can't get rid of it. Fix this and I'll give you 5 stars. Right now I'm at 4.9 stars. Thanks for a great app!

By Dr Pixel on Nov 07, 2021, USA


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