Rows in the Tag Editor spreadsheet represent audio files.

Each row represents an audio file and its metadata and technical information. Every cell in a row corresponds to a song's Filename, Artwork, Artist,  or Audio Property, such as Duration, Sample Rate, Audio Codec, etc.

The Tag Editor can load up to 200000 audio files in one spreadsheet. 

To streamline batch tagging, you can sort audio files, add, remove, or move rows between windows and tabs. For example, you can sort large music collection by Artist column and then move songs between windows according to their Artist tags.

 Sort rows in Tag Editor

Tag Editor allows sorting audio files by column. Tag Editor can sort files in alphabetical order or by increasing or decreasing numbers. When you sort, the files in the table rearrange accordingly.

To sort songs by column, click a column header. For example, to sort music by Album, click the Album column header. To sort songs by their Track Number, click the header of the Track # column.

To change the sorting order from ascending to descending or backward, click the column header again.

How to sort rows in Tag Editor


Move rows between windows and tabs

To move selected rows between Tag Editor windows or tabs, press the Move button in the toolbar and choose a destination window or a tab.

Move audio tracks between windows and tabs in Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac

Moving selected audio tracks to another window or tab.


Moving selected audio files to another tab or window


 Remove rows from Tag Editor spreadsheet

To remove selected rows from the Tag Editor press ⌘⌫, or click the Remove button in the toolbar.  Removing rows from the Tag Editor will not delete files associated with rows.


Removing rows in Tag Editor


 Move selected rows to the Bin

To move selected rows from the Tag Editor to the Bin, choose the menu File / Move to Bin or press ⌥⌘⌫. The Tag Editor will remove the selected rows and move associated files to the Bin.


Moving selected audio files to the Bin