Tag Editor allows to Find and Replace tags with full control over changes. You can search and automatically replace tags in the entire worksheet or within the selected rows or columns.


Search in audio metadata, audio and file properties

Select the range of metadata cells that you want to search. If you want to search the entire audio collection, either select all cells with ⌘+A or remove selection by clicking any cell.
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Press ⌘+F keys and type the characters you are searching for in the "Text to find" field. Tag Editor will highlight in yellow colour returned search strings. Use right or left arrows in the Find panel to navigate to the next or previous occurrence of the found text.

To specify additional search criteria, click on the magnifying glass in the search field and select the required options:

Ignore Case Search both in the capital and lower case letters.
Disabling of 'Ignore Case' option narrows the search to case-sensitive.
Starts With Search all tags which begin with the specified string. For example, "A" in the search string returns Adele and AC/DC.
Contains Return tags that include the defined characters. For example, "A" in the search string returns Adele, AC/DC and Madonna.
Ends With Return metadata that ending with the query. For example, "A" in the search string returns Madonna.
Matches Return exactly matched to the query results. For example, "Adele" is found only with the "Adele" search string.


Find function in Tag Editor for Mac

Find Panel with the search options.

Filter search results

Filter function streamlines the tagging process. When the Filter enabled, the Tag Editor displays only songs that correspond to your search so that you can concentrate on their tagging. Tag Editor will hide the rows with metadata not matching the query.

Once you have finished with tagging of filtered songs, you can unhide other tracks by either clearing the search field, disabling the Filter or entering another search query.


Replace found text

  • Enter characters that you need to replace in the 'Find text' field described above.

  • Tick the 'Replace' checkbox in the Find panel.

  • In the 'Text for replacement' box, type the replacement characters.
    To remove found characters from tags, leave the 'Text for replacement' box blank.

  • To replace the highlighted in orange occurrence, click 'Replace'.
    To replace all occurrences of the characters in the sheet without reviewing them first, click 'All'.

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Replace function in Tag Editor for Mac

Find and Replace panel




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