iTunes/Music maintains their own internal metadata database, a copy of audio metadata stored in audio files. So, when the Tag Editor updates the metadata in audio files, iTunes/Music should refresh its database somehow. Sadly, none of them does that automatically.

Fortunately, the Tag Editor resolves the issues with refreshing iTunes/Music database.

Reload Music command

Suppose you edited tags in audio files that are already in some iTunes or Music playlist. If you want to see changes in iTunes/Music database, the Reload Music menu command could be helpful in this case. With this menu command, you can easily avoid removing/adding tracks to the iTunes/Music and make it do its job - refreshing tags.

Reload Music window in Music/iTunes

Reload Music window in Music/iTunes.

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Export to iTunes/Music playlist

When your audio tracks are not in iTunes/Music yet, the easiest way to send them there is via the File / Export To / iTunes/Music menu command.

'Export to Music' window in Tag Editor for Mac

Export to Music window in Tag Editor for Mac.

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