Batch Tagging speeds up the workflow and provides more accurate results than one-by-one editing. We recommend batch tagging for cells that should have the same value, such as Artist, Album, Artwork, Year, Genre, and others.

Batch tagging works in two ways: by using the Copy-Paste or Batch typing a new value manually.

Batch Tagging with Copy-Paste



To insert a text value, such as Artist Name, or paste an Album Cover in Artwork cells, copy it using ⌘+C keys first. Then select cells in the corresponding column using keyboard shortcuts, mouse, or contextual menu. 
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After selecting the required cells, press ⌘+V to paste copied content into the cells.
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Batch Copy-Paste in tag Editor for Mac OS X

Batch Tagging with Copy-Paste


Batch Editing

Select required cells in a column and type a new text value (such as Artist Name). Press Enter to accept the change for all selected cells, or press the Escape key to revert to the previous value.



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Batch typing in Tag Editor for Mac OS X

Batch Editing in Tag Editor


Batch Deletion of tags

The video below shows how to delete or clear tags in the selection or the entire sheet. 
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Verifying changes

Changed cells have a grey background. Don't forget to check them. If something wrong, reverse the changes with the  ⌘+Z shortcut or Save results with ⌘+S keys.