Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #4

Good app

4 star rating
Is there any way to add lyrics? That will be perfect.
By Gatina555 on Feb 22, 2020, USA

Very helpful

5 star rating
Very helpful and easy to use.
By WinnieX7 on Feb 20, 2020, Russia

Well Done!

4 star rating
Very easy to use with plenty of features... Maybe a bit expensiv but it worth if often used!
By Rodger66 on Feb 18, 2020, Switzerland

Worked Like A Charm!

5 star rating
I have some 4,000 MP3 audio tracks which I imported into iTunes some years back from a multi-disc CD collection. In order for iTunes to accurately read & play the files by track #/Disc #, I had to spend DAYS going through these and individually assign the track & disc numbers. I lost a hard drive and there went my properly set-up MP3 files. I was just about to start this processes all over again when I ran into Tag Editor in the App Store. I was happy to pay the higher price for this as long as it worked as advertised - and the many favorable reviews helped in making my decision. I used Tag Editor on these multi-disc files and it only took me about 30 minutes to edit them and import into my iTunes library. Once there, iTunes read them PERFECTLY. Outstanding work, Amvidia! When used in conjuction with the functionality in MS Excel, this was a real time-saver!!!
By .....iK on Feb 02, 2020, USA

It is great application

5 star rating
It is one of the best as TAG EDITOR. It is very easy to operate with perfect results. Thanks
By Ramzi AlSulaiman on Feb 02, 2020, Saudi Arabia

La Migliore per i tag

5 star rating
La migliore e pi veloce per taggare l audio n.1
By Italianhousejacker on Jan 10, 2020, Italy

ottima App

5 star rating
fa il suo dovere in modo completo e veloce
By Fabio Giannetti on Dec 30, 2019, Italy


5 star rating
Bellissima app, ci sono tutte le funzioni per l'editing della cover e informazioni del brano, consigliata!
By Davide Agostini on Dec 29, 2019, Italy

Capable, efficient tool for MP3 tagging

5 star rating
Including "smart" tagging based on Folder Name and File Names.
By jr++ on Dec 27, 2019, Switzerland


5 star rating
By James_ZYZH on Dec 11, 2019, Taiwan


5 star rating
I've been looking for a tool like this for YEARS!, came across this and thought I'd give it a go. Used the free version to start with and was that impressed I decided to pay for the yearly subscription. Fantastic tool, easy to use, very affordable.
By itsStoo on Nov 22, 2019, UK


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