You can open single files, whole folders, directories, playlists, CUE sheets, and shortcuts in Tag Editor for Mac.

If you have a large audio collection, try opening an upper-level folder or one of the subfolders of the collection.

You can add in Tag Editor directories with mixed file formats. In such a case, the application will find and open audio tracks of supported formats only.

Open Files in Tag Editor

To open files, folders, or playlists from Finder press Open button in Tag Editor toolbar or use ⌘O shortcut.

Then select required files, playlists, or folders in the Open dialogue window and press Open Files button. 

Tag Editor will inform you how many files of supported formats were opened with a message in the status bar.

Drag and Drop Files in Tag Editor

The quickest way to add lots of files from different locations in Tag Editor is Drag and Drop. Just drag selected files, folders, and playlists from Finder into Tag Editor window or icon.

Keep Tag Editor in Front of Other Applications

If you often add files in Tag Editor we recommend enabling the 'Stay in Front' feature. 'Stay in Front' allows keeping Tag Editor windows on top of other applications to streamline Drag and Drop of audio files for tagging.

To keep Tag Editor windows on top of other applications choose Window > Stay in Front.