Sometimes audio metadata are incorrect because they have been swapped around. For example, ‘Title’ ↔ ‘Artist’ or ‘Album’ ↔ ‘Artist’ tag values might have been allocated to each other wrongly.

Amvidia Tag Editor helps swap values back easily and quickly:


1. Select cells of two columns (^⌘A):


How to select few columns in Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac


2. Copy selected cells (⌘C):


How to select few columns in Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac


3. Drag one of the selected columns' header to the place of another:


How to change columns' order in Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac


4. Paste (⌘V):


How to paste tag values in batch in Tag Editor for Mac


5. Don't forget to revise all the changed metadata. Save the result (⌘S) to embed changes into audio files:


Save to embed changed id3 tags into files with Tag Editor for Mac



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