To MP3 Converter encodes more than 200 audio and video formats to MP3 on Mac OS X effectively and quickly. Pleasant advantages ensure quality and quick conversion of audio and video files, such as music, voice records, and others, to MP3:


The application converts most of the video and audio input types of files to MP3 format, like MP4, WMA, M4A, FLAC, AMR, CDA, OGG, AVI, WMV, AIFF, FLV, WAV, and others. In addition to the encoding of local media files, the application can download and convert to MP3 online video and audio content.
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"... a quick and efficient way to convert any media file
within your Mac to MP3 format."


You will find enjoyment in the upper class of converted sound thanks to the built-in volume adjuster and audio effects. The volume adjuster amplifies the volume of too quiet audio or its parts like speech and voices. Audio effects include fade-in and fade-out, trimming of silence at the start and end of tracks. Enabling of fade-in and fade-out audio effects ensure the flawless transition between the songs.


To MP3 Converter can encode an unlimited number of media files and folders. Just add your audio and video for conversion. The application will keep folders' structure, original tags, and file names for all output MP3s. You will be provided with detailed progress of every file's conversion and notified when the encoding of all files is finished.
a simple yet powerful OS X application that can help you batch convert extensive audio files collections to the popular MP3 format
"... a simple yet powerful OS X application that can help you batch convert
extensive audio files collections to the popular MP3 format."


To MP3 Converter separates and transforms to MP3 format ALL audio streams from a video (including VOB video files, in native version). MP4, WMV, AVI, or MKV video files might contain a few audio tracks. These tracks can carry the audio of different languages or different audio formats or audio codecs. The majority of MP3 encoders capture only a single audio track defined as primary by the movies’ creators. Even so, if you would like to extract all audio tracks from a video, you have to use a special application. This app is an ideal tool for such an occasion – it rips every audio stream from a video. Thus, you only have to choose – which audio stream you prefer since this mac app will process all audio streams.


To convert media files to .mp3 format, simply select a destination folder and drop your files or folders to the app’s icon or interface. Converter advises when processing is made and if there are any failures. Conversion is done with full utilization of existing CPU cores, and also it is “crash-free” due to the use of external processes.


By default, the converter applies automatic settings for output MP3 files. Automatic bit rate, sample frequency, and channels ensure the best possible MP3 sound quality and save hard drive space by avoiding useless upsampling.
You can also adjust MP3 output characteristics in the Preferences:
- Variable or Constant Bit Rates.
- Preferred constant bit rate from the range: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256 or 320 kbit/s.
- Variable bit rate range can be settled between 8 and 320 kbit/s.
- Channel mode between Mono, Stereo, Dual or Joint.
- Cyclic Redundancy Checks option, which improves error protection.

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The converter app supports full tags transfer from source files to output MP3s. You also can enjoy better-organized music thanks to loading missing ID3 tags from online databases or local folders and file names. 
**NOTE: DRM protected audio files cannot be converted because of the App Store policies.