Customer Reviews of Tag Editor

Best Tagger I found for Mac!!!

5 star rating
It’s a really cool tool for tagging music files, not only MP3! Easy to use and very clear to understand its functions (believe me, there are some other in the app store ;-)). Highly to recommend from my perspective, also with this high price.
By C_64 on Aug 12, 2017, Germany

Great for Tagging

4 star rating
I have only be using this to tag test files I export out of Logic Pro. Before I had to drag them into iTunes to tag, then immediately delete them. this is quick and easy. Still using the free version so far.
By IdreaminHD on Aug 02, 2017, USA


5 star rating
Complimenti a chi l' ha creata, grazie a questa app ho potuto modificare canzoni, file audio ecc, davvero ben sviluppata anche il layout del programma molto semplice e facile da usare!!
By MATTEO12E on Jul 25, 2017, Italy


5 star rating
Prtico, fcil e rpido, ao editar as informaes das msicas convertidas pelo mp3.
By EdvaldoSCruz on Jul 01, 2017, Brazil

Keep FLAC info organized BUT...

4 star rating
Everything is there. Promptly response in app and user-friendly interface BUT it would be perfect to use if the Album Artwork can be viewed as a square than squeezed in a row.
By 夏孟 Superstar on Jun 14, 2017, Hong Kong

Warum einfach, wenn es auch schwerer geht?

5 star rating
Nach jedem iTunes Update hatte ich mehr Probleme, mich in das Programm einzufinden und meine Hörbücher nach meinem „Gusto“ zu sortieren. Dann kommt ein Programm daher und siehe da, plötzlich geht das für mich wieder ganz einfach. Und, dass man dafür Geld bezahlt, ist OK. Wer arbeitet umsonst? Von den Likes allein wird kein Programmierer satt!
By Readandgo on Jun 05, 2017, Germany


5 star rating
Gyus im just shoked!!! I paid 29 for TidyMyMusic and so dissapointed that almoust all my cyrilic names i need edit manually. BUT HTIS App do it all authomaticly! and only 2 its worthy it!!
By Gfsjkdj on May 14, 2017, UK


4 star rating
By Bonsoul on May 13, 2017, Japan

Nice For DJs

5 star rating
Tagging multiple Files without waiting so long cause it is temporary saved into cach is for my 15000 video file library a huge plus.
By dJ Sierro on May 08, 2017, USA

Works Perfect!

5 star rating
Works well and is very fast. Same author who wrote “To MP3 Converter”. Both are excellent.
By Dlgebert on Apr 23, 2017, USA

Easy and UI is good!

5 star rating
I use this App for Hi-res Walkman music. I like this App.
By moorea island in Japan on Apr 14, 2017, Japan