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для небольшого колва файлов ок

4 star rating

для небольшого колва файлов ок

By Konstantin Kruglov on Aug 31, 2022, Russia

Perfectly Simple

5 star rating

Easy to use, effective and straight forward, perfect for my everyday purpooses...

By grOOver1975 on Aug 24, 2022, Australia


5 star rating

Can't say enough great things about this app. I work in the film/TV world and need to tag my music for it to stand a chance of being seen/heard by the show runners, music supervisors, etc. Having the correct tags makes a world of difference and being able to add them to files without issue is a must in this fast-paced world. Tag Editor is perfect! My only request would be to get it to integrate seamlessly with online reel tools such as Reelcrafter and Disco. At the moment the tags do come into those systems, but there's still some manula adjustments that need to be made.

By iggy1345 on Jul 13, 2022, USA

Easy to use

4 star rating

It acomplishes everything it promises. It's easy to use and it has fast customer service.

By Calmontoya on Jul 12, 2022, Colombia

Great app. Worth the money.

5 star rating

The Apple Music app (formerly iTunes) is bad at a lot of things. One of them is keeping track of files, tags, etc. Tag Editor makes all that so much easier. I'm a musician. I need a good way to prep my metadata for sharing reels and sending things out. I can totally rely on Tag Editor to handle that for me.

By Jay Squared on Jul 06, 2022, USA

Очень удобно чистить теги!

5 star rating

Очень удобно чистить теги ото всякого... Вытягивать названия из файла по шаблону и т д

By Дмитрий Богданов on Jul 05, 2022, Russia

Loved in the first sight

5 star rating

Everything I want in a free app. I'm not a professional edior. What I need is configurating some information of my files, and it works very well!

By VH Hùng on Jun 19, 2022, Vietnam

Getting there:

4 star rating

Used this for a few years and one of the best tag editors out there for the price. Not as quick on the M1 processors yet but hopefully will get there

By dj-e on Jun 06, 2022, UK

Grande App

4 star rating

Un coltellino svizzero per la gestione de TAG noi nostri cari file audio. Semplice e funzionale. Al momento non ho trovato grosse mancanza, rispetto alle mie esigenze. Vedo solo che è del tutto compatibile con Apple Silicon, magari nel 2022 ;)

By andrea.endrizzi on Apr 20, 2022, Italy

Great app.

5 star rating

This app saves me loads of time. I have a 3TB music library I aquired and this makes it easy to see and edit all data associated. Also great for batch editing. Provides suggestions when changing info in fields. Made my life tons easier.

By All Blk. on Apr 07, 2022, USA

Buena app. Hace lo que promete

5 star rating

Es facil de usar. Puedes editar los campos de los archivos de sonido. Yo he usado la versión gratuita y funciona excelente porque modifico los archivos uno a uno. Posiblemente después explore la versión pagada. ¡Buena app!

By 4 hour craver on Apr 02, 2022, Mexico


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