Customer Reviews of Tag Editor

Funciona bem

5 star rating

é meio lento quando busca as tags da web, no mais é bem prático pra editar tags em lote.

By Djfabiofranca on Oct 15, 2021, Brazil

Works great

4 star rating

Tried a couple of tracks, so far so mostly good. However, it seems to have trouble with the tags created by aacgain.

By mhopeng on Oct 14, 2021, USA


5 star rating

Simple, efficace, rapide, parfait pour mon utilisation.

By Pierre Mooze on Oct 12, 2021, France

Best of the bucnh

5 star rating

I've tried a lot of taggers, and this is by far the best I have come across. Easy, customizable, and I have yet to find a task it cannot handle relative to tagging. Well worth the price.

By Erskine1757 on Oct 06, 2021, USA


5 star rating

Many thanks to the developer for the app!! Great work!

By groove_guru on Sep 13, 2021, USA

Does what it promises (Free Version)

4 star rating

It let me edit MP3 ID tags for a new album. - Worked as promised

By G_N_S on Sep 12, 2021, Canada

This app is the one you want! It does NOT degrade audio file quality

5 star rating

When I tested THIS app TAG EDITOR FREE, I did not have the problem that a different free app on here has about degrading audio file quality. This TAG EDITOR FREE app is Perfect and highly customizable. I highly reccomend it for stripping All metadata from audio files before you import the into iTunes, where you can then customise them the way You want. Otherwise, iTunes won't let you succeed. TAG EDITOR FREE keeps what you worked so hard to do naming your files the name you want them to be and preserves your audio file quality. I'm using a Macbook Pro v. 11.5.2 on Sept 12, 2021. BE AWARE that OTHER free tag strippers degrade your audio quality, which I personally tested myself and found to be true. .i.g., (320 Contant Bit Rate (Kbps) changed to 320 VBS)(Variable Bit Rate) and (pure stereo was changed to Joint Stereo). Very Bad. TAG EDITOR FREE does NOT change your audio quality i.g.,(Kbps and Stereo settings.) If you are an audiophile, You should be using TAG EDITOR FREE.

By JMU1956 on Sep 12, 2021, USA


5 star rating

This works really well. I convert my FLAC songs to AIFF using XLD. I open in Tag Editor and load tags from network, it works most of the time. Anything that doesn't come through I'll add manually. Then I open in iTunes and manage my library for Rekordbox there.

By Xachary Robert on Sep 01, 2021, USA

Very Useful

5 star rating

I'm running MacOS 10.15.6 and it is running just fine. This software gives you the ability to edit the tags in both audio and video files. It will not alter the audo or video and saves just the updated tags along with the audio or video. Really, a must have software if you are uploading to any online source.

By GB-Music on Sep 01, 2021, USA

Good Tool - but not totally FREE!

4 star rating

The tool workss as intended, and on my media server and mobile I se the correct titles, the artwork etc. However, the tool comes in a Free and a not-free version. In the Free version you have to press a button for every three files uploaded or downloaded. Otherwise, you can buy a one mnth subscription for about 2$. (Do not forget to stop the subscription- it is auto-renewal).

By Dax542 on Aug 10, 2021, Switzerland

De 3 ani merge excelent

5 star rating

Îl folosesc sa adun melodii, interviuri, pe care le grupez in albume, le atasez imagini. Totul este intuitiv.

By Kattalin21 on Aug 10, 2021, Romania