Customer Reviews of Tag Editor

Super Tool

5 star rating
Habe vorher mit eigenen Scripts gearbeitet. Dieses Tool ist einfach perfekt, um seine Audiosammlung perfekt zu verwalten
By Orush on Apr 18, 2021, Germany

Great Tagging Software!

5 star rating
I love everything about it. The only thing I would change would be to have an option to list "Track #'s" as "1 of 10", "2 of 10", etc. as opposed to just "1, 2, 3, etc.".
By DoBro80 on Apr 09, 2021, USA

Pratica veloce

5 star rating
Sono un appassionato di musica, e amo avere le mie librerie sempre ben organizzate, grazie a questo piccolo e semplice programma, sono riuscito a sistemare i miei vecchi cd e vinili. La amo!!!
By AedanBarbato on Apr 03, 2021, Italy

Simply Awesome!

5 star rating
Basically this is Excell like editing where you can edit multiple cells at once. NO OTHER tag editor can compare, period! NEED a Windows version, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!
By renedjenkins on Mar 31, 2021, USA


5 star rating
I use this software all the time. Keeps all my MP3 in perfect order.
By Chrisuk70 on Mar 30, 2021, UK

Great App!

5 star rating
It does exactly what it says and thats what i need! To those who say the developer is being deceptive with saying its free; it says beside GET "Offers In-App Purchases" then you are the blind sheep!
By Wynton Montgomery on Mar 02, 2021, USA

Great App - When dark mode?

5 star rating
Great app. Please add a dark theme mode. Thanks in advance!
By SweMusician on Feb 21, 2021, Sweden

Ogg editor is needed

4 star rating
Good. But ogg editor is needed.
By Wujidadi on Feb 20, 2021, Taiwan

Beste Stapelverarveitung

5 star rating
DIe Software erlaubt durch Ihre Tabellenfunktion rasches Bearbeiten aller Zellen
By KVANTSCH on Feb 19, 2021, Germany

The accolades are all true

5 star rating
This will be the last tag editor I ever use. Yes, it's just that good. I especially like the file renamer feature. If you have a huge digital music collection, this app will be your new best friend.
By WillCate1960 on Feb 14, 2021, USA

Ottima App

5 star rating
Fa veramente il suo lavoro e a ma risulta comodissima.
By iGhery on Feb 13, 2021, Italy