Customer Reviews of Tag Editor

Highly Recommend

5 star rating

Very intutive. Locate files or folder and it pulls in all of the files and you can edit what you want like using a spreadsheet, hit save and it writes all of the changes to the files. Exactly what I needed!

By seniorSOY on May 10, 2024, USA

tag editor pro

5 star rating

Semplice ed efficace

By alexcatino on May 08, 2024, Italy


5 star rating

It does exactly what it says in the description. 100% would purchase again. This has saved iTunes library and brought new life to my dusty horde of CDs. I would like to buy the team behind this wonderful piece of software an ice cream/cookie party.

By 𝚓𝚘𝚎[𝚠] on May 07, 2024, USA

Fast, efficient, accurate

5 star rating

The title of this review refers to the full version. The "free trial" version will save 3 files at a time so it might take several Saves to process an entire CD/album/stream/playlist. The free version is fine, but if you're processing tag edits for a lot of music you should go ahead and buy the full version. Be aware that any term length you buy will auto-renew unless you stop your subscription.

By bzbx on May 06, 2024, USA

Intuitiv erfassbar, nützliche Funktionen

5 star rating

Ich möchte meine selbst hinzugefügte Musik in Apple Music ordentlich angezeigt bekommen, ohne viel Arbeit in das Taggen zu investieren. Dafür die diese App gut geeignet (im Gegensatz zur anderen hier im App-Store). Das automatische Taggen anhand der Dateinamen und des Ordnernamens (Action - Load Tags - from Path) funktioniert gut, und der Export zu Apple Music (Action - Export to - Music) funktioniert ebenfalls, ohne das Nacharbeit nötig wäre.

By jo7k on May 04, 2024, Germany

excellent tag editor

5 star rating

Logical layout makes workflow easy. Tag information saved quiickly (compared to some competitor's products) and reliably. Highly recommended.

By mabauer on May 03, 2024, USA

fast and easy

5 star rating

Great tool for quickly editing file data outside of iTunes. Created playlists for my mom of her favorite 1950's artists on a windows formatted iPod that would not allow this any other way. [ device was her husbands who has been gone 4 years ].

By Echo9 on Apr 25, 2024, USA

the best to change tags

5 star rating

I've tried many (I've 30K music files). This is the only really easy to manage large number of files, using an excel like board Thanks, really

By morelweb on Apr 15, 2024, France

Very handy

5 star rating

The spreadsheet format makes the correction of incorrect metadata easy. Inconsistencies quickly stand out and become easy to address.

By msmith7 on Apr 05, 2024, USA

Good product. Handles MP3's data well.

4 star rating

Good batch file processor. Clean up large fles quickly. Retrieving information for the internet can take some time. I wish it could handle WMA files.

By Don C1. on Mar 31, 2024, USA

Basic but works nicely for minor edits

5 star rating

Very good app for updating metadata / tags on music files. Some CD's do not have accurate tag data (Track 1, 2, 3...) and no art cover data. This app is useful for updating those items.

By JJofoakville on Mar 21, 2024, Canada


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