Amvidia Tag Editor allows making blocks of audio tags or filenames 'UPPERCASED' or 'lowercased.' You can also quickly format text with a Sentence Case, with the 'First letter of the first word capitalized,' or as Title Case, with the 'First Letter of Each Word Capitalized.'


To unify the case, please perform the following steps:

  • Select audio metadata and filenames for which you want to change the case. Read more on using keyboard shortcuts for selection >>
  • In the application menu, click Edit > Change case.
  • Choose an option from the pop-up menu, including Title CaseCapitalize Every WordSentence caselowercase, and UPPERCASE.

Change audio tags and filenames case with Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac

The 'Change Case' menu

Title case of audio metadata and filenames in Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac

Changing case to the 'Title Case'

To undo the case change, press ⌘+Z.



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