Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #7

Fantastica ++++++

5 star rating
Specialmente la ricerca tag da network, merita di essere acquistata
By maurizio-65 on Nov 04, 2019, Italy

Tag Editor 1.0.9

5 star rating
Excelente manejo de metadatos Cmodo y amigable
By Giaffar J. Barquet A. on Oct 23, 2019, Ecuador

OGG and Custom Genres would be nice, but free ... so far!

4 star rating
I'm only using the free version. I miss OGG support. I can probably find something to bulk-copy metadata from *.mp3 to *.ogg. Any suggestions? I only saw limited Genres. Took a while to notice I could ignore the standard Genre choices by Double-clicking and typing-in my own. The ability to add choices to the default Genre list would be nicer. I'm using macOS Finder Tags instead!
By Eric___D on Oct 16, 2019, UK


5 star rating
Fast and smart app with good support from the developer. Definitely recommend!
By pillimees on Oct 15, 2019, Estonia

Interface could be improved

4 star rating
Overall thanks for usefull app to edit tags for free. UI could be a bit improved though
By Manchini_dj on Oct 13, 2019, USA


5 star rating
Perfect app! Thanks for making this top app
By eusoul on Oct 12, 2019, South Africa

Prima app

5 star rating
Prima app om mijn tags bij te werken en covers te vinden.
By DJ Patsj on Oct 10, 2019, Netherlands

Great product helps with my large collections

4 star rating
Just missing two features 1. Organize the files after done. 2. Handle more the 100000 files. I having to split my collections up in many pieces to make all the meta data correct. Sure better then itunes and doing this with Applescript applet. Much faster.
By Rentahippie on Sep 28, 2019, USA

Muito bom!

5 star rating
Simples e prtico. Pena que no slava TAG em v2.2.
By Linsmar Pinheiro on Sep 25, 2019, Brazil

Free and awesome!

5 star rating
It is possible to change multiple file names with the free version. Exactly what I was looking for. Intuitive to use!
By Dr. Bugra on Sep 08, 2019, Singapore

Perfect App. A MUST for the ones who have our music offline

5 star rating
If youre using iTunes or any of that kind of players, youll get to the point where all the music you add to your library will stay completely unsorted, albums with one song, no names, artists in the songs title and so. The same happened to me when i move to MAC. Thats when ive found this app among many others who offer limited solutions or poor UIs, this one got me the job done.. I can drop my files and in minutes put an unified Album name and Album Artis name, so when i then import into iTunes, everything remains sorted and in "folders". Also it has an automatic process that reads the filename of every song and extracts the artis and title in two clicks, for houndreds of times. Never have to edit a song one by one again. (from ACTION > LOAD TAGS > FROM PATHS). Anyway, im from Argentina and really love this app, after testing a lot of them. Nice job!!
By RodrigoButta on Sep 06, 2019, Argentina