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The Tag Editor provides a very handy and quick way to jump from the spreadsheet to MP3 files in the Finder.

This can be done with the "Show in Finder" menu command, which can be found in many macOS applications. The "Show in Finder" command can be useful for operations like playing, copying, or backup.

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How to use Show in Finder command

Select a few or all cells in the Tag Editor. You can do that with the keyboard shortcuts or via the top or context (right-click) menu 'Select' commands.

Right-click on the selection again to invoke the context menu. In the context menu, select the Show in Finder command.

Invoke Show in Finder in the Tag Editor

Show in Finder in the Tag Editor via context menu.

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘+R or the top menu command File / Show in Finder.

Show in Finder via File menu

Show in Finder via File menu

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Tag Editor will open one or more Finder windows, keeping selected the same MP3 files as in the Tag Editor.

MP3 files selected in Finder

MP3 files selected in Finder

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