Loading tags from paths is the fastest way to fill missing audio metadata. Use it when folder and file names include an Artist, Album, Artist Album, Title, Track # or Year info, and folders contain album covers.

Tag Editor can parse filenames and folder names to convert them into corresponding Artist, Album, Artist Album, Title, Track #, and Year tags. Tag Editor can convert images from album folders into artworks automatically as well.

Or you can manually select path components to quickly turn them into ID3 tags, including Genre and Key, with Tag Editor.

Automatic Loading Tags from Paths

When the information contained within file and folder names follows the pattern 'Artist - Album - Title', setup selection within columns, and invoke the menu 'Edit / Load Tags / From Paths'.




Loading Tags from Paths with the selection of components

When the information contained within the file and folder names does not fit the pattern 'Artist - Album - Title', you can select path components manually. For example, select one or more Artist cells of files having the same pattern, select the desired component of the path from the context menu 'Load Artist from Path'. It is possible to convert selected path components to the Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Album Artist, Grouping, Comment, Initial Key and Genre. You can apply this action to several cells at the same time. Please note that paths in such cases should have the same format.




Loading Local Artworks

There is a possibility to automatically load artworks from the same location where audio files reside. Select one or more Artwork cells and invoke the menu 'Edit / Load Tags / From Paths'






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