Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #5

Beste Stapelverarveitung

5 star rating

DIe Software erlaubt durch Ihre Tabellenfunktion rasches Bearbeiten aller Zellen

By KVANTSCH on Feb 19, 2021, Germany

The accolades are all true

5 star rating

This will be the last tag editor I ever use. Yes, it's just that good. I especially like the file renamer feature. If you have a huge digital music collection, this app will be your new best friend.

By WillCate1960 on Feb 14, 2021, USA

Ottima App

5 star rating

Fa veramente il suo lavoro e a ma risulta comodissima.

By iGhery on Feb 13, 2021, Italy

Beyond Fantastic

5 star rating

Best mp3 meta data editor by miles

By Zaflon on Feb 11, 2021, UK

Best music file tagging app !!!

5 star rating

I have been using this app for several years and it is perfect. I really mean this and have tested several. I have a big music collection which I have now on my hard disk. Correct tagging is essential to be able to find all songs and music. THIS IS THE ONLY APP YOU NEED TO TAG YOUR MUSIC FILES!!

By PKDE on Feb 02, 2021, Sweden

Makes Life Really Easy

5 star rating

The best app to easily correctly sort out the tags of your music. My whole music collection all standardised now.

By user8102 on Jan 29, 2021, UK

Music file tagging at ease

5 star rating

This app makes file tagging easier. As well as file untagging. It is customisable, and it can change the file names from within the app. Very useful for when file names really are off (like when you encounter Songs Spelled Like This In Languages Other Than English).

By PAJA63 on Jan 27, 2021, Sweden

Easy to use

5 star rating

It's a very good tag editor, and very easy to use. If you use this app first time, make it as wide as possible. Sometimes I forgot to set the 'Album Artist', because it wasn't visible :D

By JackOoohLantern on Jan 18, 2021, Hungary

Great for Podcast Production

5 star rating

It's so convenient to batch process and see your metadata arrayed on a grid. This app greatly reduces the oops factor that results in omitted tags. Most podcasters think their programs will always play online or through a podcast app that displays show notes as intended. But, even if you never intended to authorize downloads as mp3s, many browsers support it anyway. Having your branding, descriptions, copyright statement, and URLs embedded in the file itself should not be overlooked. This app will help keep you on top of that.

By BobKalk on Jan 16, 2021, USA

Love, Love, Love

5 star rating

This software is awesome. I started out with the free version but I like it so much to where I decided to purchase it - software this good deserves my money. I am using this on a Mac so I am not sure about other operating systems. If you are unsure then try the free version first.

By Kimberly Sterling on Jan 15, 2021, USA

Outstanding and exactly what I needed

5 star rating

I'm an IT guy and originally I tried to do this via the command line. Because time was of the essence I looked this app up. The free version did exactly what I needed. But because it worked SO well and did exactly what I needed I actually decided to buy the lifetime license. I love that the developers kept it simple, and it works perfectly. I am happy to support this product.

By PortlandBeerBen on Jan 14, 2021, USA