Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #5

It works really well!

4 star rating

I love everything about this program how I'm able to rename songs, correct titles and artwork covers, though one thing i really wish it had was adding your own columns, I wish I could add personalized columns to further categorize songs

By whoislost on Dec 16, 2020, USA

Super Software

5 star rating

Ich habe lange nach einem Tool für die Bearbeitung meiner Musiksammlung gesucht und bin mit dem Tag Editor nun endlich fündig geworden. Das Programm läuft sehr schnell und in Zusammenarbeit mit To Audio Coverter das perfekte Team. Vielen Dank an die Entwickler!!!

By Sobolt on Dec 04, 2020, Germany


5 star rating

Excelente, intuitiva, facil de usar, til. En fin, todo lo que se espera de ella

By Mareke87 on Dec 03, 2020, Spain

Easy, Awesome, Free

5 star rating

Easy, awesome, free.

By james-42 on Nov 28, 2020, USA

Very nice app

5 star rating

Fast and works great. Intuitive. This is a well written app. It won't run on my downstairs mac for some reason (I get the dreaded "app is damaged" pop up but I am sure tech support will help with that - probably a driver conflict or something.

By jfdicurt on Nov 27, 2020, USA

many thanks

5 star rating

i registered for a month and it did the job which i should edit all my list minimum in 2 months just in an hour. I really appreciate.

By Babmatrix on Nov 22, 2020, Canada


5 star rating

Llevo unos meses usando esta aplicacin y puedo decir que es fantstica. Gracias a ella estoy poniendo en orden mi coleccin musical. estoy muy contento con ella. Muy recomendable.

By Pepocanario on Nov 22, 2020, Spain


5 star rating

Amazing program. I am impressed !

By skolits on Nov 17, 2020, USA

Tag Savior

4 star rating

After the horrendous apple update that changed years of tags and caused duplicates, this app saved me time from singulary search and correct. Small user issues; Why cant I select multiple files separately using the command button? A better move and delete function would be nice, otherwise a music library savior.

By epicsamg on Nov 07, 2020, USA

was ich immer gesucht habe

5 star rating

Perfekt. Tut, was es soll und davon mehr als ich gesucht habe. Jetzt verwende ich aber alle Funktionen. Eine super App! Der Programmierer antwortet sofort auf Nachrichten, bietet Lösungen an und passt die App dann an. Vorbildlich!

By Da Foda on Oct 31, 2020, Germany

great !!

5 star rating

i use it and it works flawless. did never ask me to pay (will donate though, cause it's great and easy to use) so can't say if it's really free or not. p.s. don't be so greedy, every one of us deserves some loan for his work. be generous and donate, what goes around comes around...karma you know :)

By San_Jacob on Oct 23, 2020, Switzerland