The Tag Editor interface is organized like a spreadsheet. Every column in the spreadsheet corresponds to an audio tag, file name, an audio property, or a file property. The article below explains how to show, hide, rearrange, and resize columns for quicker and efficient tagging.

Column Management

Amvidia Tag Editor spreadsheet has more than 80 columns, which are organized into tag sets for easier management. Find the full list of Tag Editor columns here >>.

Columns with tags, such as Artist, Album, Artwork, etc., as well as filenames are editable, while technical info columns are read-only.

Show / Hide Columns

By default, Tag Editor shows Album, Artist, Artwork, Comment, File Name, Genre, and Title columns. To edit other audio tags or view file properties, you need to show them first. To show or hide columns in Tag Editor you can use any of the methods below:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts:
    • To show all Tag Editor columns use the ⌃⌘↑ shortcut.
    • To hide a selected column, press ⌘↓ keys.
    • To hide all columns, except selected, press ⌃⌘↓ keys.

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  • Right-click on a column's header and choose options from the pop-up menu, as is shown in the picture below.
  • Choose View > Column in the application menu.

Customization of columns layout in Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac

How to open column view menu in Tag Editor for Mac


Show / Hide Column Sets

Column sets are organized by grouping together related tags or file properties (for example, related to podcasts tag set). Sets allow finding a required tag or display a specific set of columns. Tag Editor table includes eight column sets: Audio Properties, File Properties, Classical, Commerce, Mood, People, Podcast, and Sorting. Find the full list of tag and property sets here >>.

You can show and hide an entire set or a single column from a set at a time.

To show or hide a set of columns right-click on a header of any column or choose View > Column. Then point the cursor to the required columns set in the menu that appears and choose 'Show All' or 'Hide All' in the pop-up menu of the set.

To show a single tag or property from a set, choose it in the contextual menu.

Shown sets, tags, and properties are marked with ✓ symbols in the column view menu.


Hide or Show column set in Tag Editor for Mac

'File Properties' set menu in Tag Editor for Mac


Rearrange Columns

Click and drag a column header to the right or left of another column with the mouse.

Resize a Column

Move the cursor to the right border of a column header until you see ⇹, then click and drag to resize.

Auto-Size Columns to Fit Their Contents

To auto-size selected columns press ⌘→ keys or move the cursor to the right edge of the column header until pointer takes double arrow shape ⇹, then double-click.
To auto-size all columns in the spreadsheet, press ⌃⌘→ keys.

Make Columns the Same Width

1. Select cells in multiple columns or select all columns with ⌘A keys.
2. Move the cursor to the right border of a column header until pointer takes double arrow shape ⇹, then drag to resize all selected columns to the same width.

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