Tag Editor allows adding an Artwork tag to audio files manually or automatically.

If a bunch of files, such as album songs, podcast series, or audiobook chapters, should have the same cover art, select Artwork cells of all those files first. Then use any of the methods below to add an image into all selected Artwork cells at once:

Artwork dialogue window

Double click on selected Artwork cells to Delete, Replace, or Save the album cover.

Album Artwork management in Tag Editor for Mac

Artwork dialogue window in Tag Editor for macOS


Copy-&-Paste, Drag-&-Drop files as Artworks

Copy-&-paste or drag-&-drop an image or audio file from Finder or browser in selected artwork cells. When dropping or pasting audio files, Tag Editor will try to extract the embedded artwork from the file. If it is an image, the content of the image will be taken. If this is any other unsupported file, the Mac OS icon for that given file type will be taken.



When you drag-&-drop, we recommend using the 'Window / Stay in Front' feature so Tag Editor does not go to the background. Find out more at https://amvidia.com/guides/tag-editor/open-files#stay-in-front.

Drag and Drop an image to create album artwork in Tag Editor for Mac

Drag-&-Drop an image as the album cover in Tag Editor for macOS


Copy and Paste Album Artwork in Tag Editor for Mac

Paste an image as Artwork in Tag Editor for macOS

Load Artworks from local folders

Tag Editor can pick up the artwork files from the same directories where the audio files are placed. 

Use Edit > Load Tags > From Paths command to convert local images into album artworks automatically.



Download Artworks from the network

Tag Editor can find music cover arts automatically if Artist, Album, and Title tags have been entered correctly before. To download album images into selected Artwork cells from online databases, choose Edit > Load Tags > From Network. 

Download album artwork using Tag Editor for Mac

Action > Load Tags > From Network command in Tag Editor

'Search Web' for Artworks

If loading of artwork from the network doesn’t work, and the artwork is missing in local folders. Tag Editor has a few built-in web shortcuts, helping to find any cover art easily and quickly via Google, MusicBrainz, or Discogs using other tags, such as Artist, Title, and Album.

To search for cover art with Tag Editor, right-click on selected Artwork cells and choose a suitable shortcut from the list of web services and search strings.

Search Web for cover arts command in Tag Editor for Mac

'Search Web' menu in Tag Editor

Removal of Artworks from audio files

To delete a cover art from audio files, select corresponding artwork cells in Tag Editor and press Delete, then Save.