How to turn senseless sets of disordered symbols, questions marks or squares, displaying at your digital audio player, into proper Title, Artist, Album, and other music info?

Tag Editor for Mac can fix the issue by translating Cyrillic CP1251, WinLatin1 CP1252, Greek CP1253, Turkish CP1254, WinLatin2 CP1250, Japanese ISO 2022, Japanese EUC, Latin1 ISO, or Latin2 ISO encoding to Unicode in few easy steps:

1. Open audio files with Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac.

2. Press Cmd + Alt + ↑, or choose View - Columns - Show All in the Application Menu to ensure that encoding will be fixed in all tags' columns.

3. Select rows or columns with wrong-encoded tags using keyboard shortcuts or select with the menu as it is shown below:


Select rows to fix encoding with Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac

Rows Selection with Application Menu


Select column to fix encoding with Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac

Columns Selection with Application Menu


4. In the Application menu open Edit - Fix Encoding list and click on the potentially corresponding encoding. If the first choice of encoding works, tags should be perfectly readable in the given language.


Fix audio tags encoding with Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac


If the fixing with the chosen encoding didn't work, revert the changes using Cmd + Z and try another encoding that would suit your case.