Automatic batch loading of tags is the most efficient way to fill up or correct music info and album covers. Amvidia Tag Editor can retrieve music metadata and artworks from online databases and local paths.


Tag Editor can retrieve music info from MusicBrainz, AcoustID, and CoverArt services. Those online services help to fix missing or incorrect Artwork, Title, Artist, Album, Album Artist, Year, Track Number and Tracks Total tags.

Tag Editor can rely on existing tags to speed up the online search for missing tags. If audio files haven't any tags or they are incorrect, the application can identify songs by their 'fingerprints' using AcoustID service. After Tag Editor can download corresponding metadata from MusicBrainz and CoverArt databases.


Using 'Loading tags from paths' feature is the fastest way to tag structured audio collections. For example, if a filename contains Title and Number of a song, a folder with album songs named Album, and an Album folder is located within the Artist folder; Tag Editor correctly 'guesses' and extracts accurate metadata from the file path. The editor can also import local images as Artworks.


Please follow this instruction to download music metadata from the Internet or retrieve tags and artworks from paths:

1. Select tags that you would like to update and empty cells to fill them up with tags.

2. Press ⌘D keys or choose Edit > Load Tags > Advanced in the application menu.

Advanced tag load menu in Tag Editor for Mac

Choose 'Action' > 'Load Tags' > 'Advanced' or press ⌘D keys


3. Tick required checkboxes in the 'Load Tag Advanced' menu:

  • 'Load tags from paths'

- works well for organized in Finder audio collections.

  • 'Load tags from network'

- works for music files only.

  • 'Use existing tags for search'

- enable only if source files contain correct tags.

  • 'Load missing tags only'

- to exclude overwriting of existing tags.

4. Press 'Continue.'

Advanced loading of tags from Internet and paths with Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac

Advanced loading of tags from Internet and paths with Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac


Please, note that all changes are highlighted in gray. You can revert or edit inaccurate changes, or save correct tags.


Changed cells with loaded tags are highlighted in gray.

Changed after loading of tags cells are highlighted in gray.