Track Number (or Track #) is an ID3 tag that sequencing tracks' playback. It allows listening to songs, audiobooks, podcasts, or other audio records in a particular order. Accurate track numbering facilitates the search and organization of audio files.

Tag Editor's Automatic Track Numbering feature speeds up assigning of sequenced or randomized Track # and Track Total tags to audio files.

When to use Automatic Track Numbering:

  • if loading track numbers from paths is impossible because filenames don't contain track numbers;
  • if loading tags from the network is inapplicable;
  • when there is a need to maintain your custom order of tracks in new collections.

How to assign Track Numbers automatically with Amvidia Tag Editor for Mac:


  1. Select two or more track numbers.
  2. Press the round button or Shift-Enter to invoke the Assign Track Numbers window.
  3. Setup Assigning Options
  4. Press 'Done button to generate Track Numbers and Tracks Total

Automatic assigning of audio Track Number tags on Mac with Tag Editor by AmvidiaAssign Track Numbers window in Tag Editor for Mac

The 'Assign Track Numbers' has a few options and text fields:

Start with Track Number - enter the start track number here. The generated sequence of Track Numbers will start with this number. Usually, this value is 1.

Update Tracks Total - check this option when 'Tracks Total' should be updated along with Track Numbers. The value of Tracks Total is calculated automatically with the use of the Start Track Number and the length of the selected sequence. If the calculated value does not suit, enter your own.

Randomize - check this option to put generated track numbers at random places in selection.



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