Customer Reviews of Tag Editor

Great for Podcast Production

5 star rating
It's so convenient to batch process and see your metadata arrayed on a grid. This app greatly reduces the oops factor that results in omitted tags. Most podcasters think their programs will always play online or through a podcast app that displays show notes as intended. But, even if you never intended to authorize downloads as mp3s, many browsers support it anyway. Having your branding, descriptions, copyright statement, and URLs embedded in the file itself should not be overlooked. This app will help keep you on top of that.
By BobKalk on Jan 16, 2021, USA

Love, Love, Love

5 star rating
This software is awesome. I started out with the free version but I like it so much to where I decided to purchase it - software this good deserves my money. I am using this on a Mac so I am not sure about other operating systems. If you are unsure then try the free version first.
By Kimberly Sterling on Jan 15, 2021, USA

Outstanding and exactly what I needed

5 star rating
I'm an IT guy and originally I tried to do this via the command line. Because time was of the essence I looked this app up. The free version did exactly what I needed. But because it worked SO well and did exactly what I needed I actually decided to buy the lifetime license. I love that the developers kept it simple, and it works perfectly. I am happy to support this product.
By PortlandBeerBen on Jan 14, 2021, USA

Super Tool leder keine Update Funktion

4 star rating
Für DJ's ne super Sache, ledier kann man die App nicht updaten, Der Update muss von der Webseite des Herstelller rutergeladen werden, verlangt dann aber irgendwelchen Seriennummer, die man nicht hat oder soll das etwa jedes Mal neu bezahlt werden?
By Dima45 on Jan 14, 2021, Germany

Post-Logic File Tagging...

5 star rating
I make a lot of Ringtones and SMSTones. The ability to rename and retag files, especially .m4r files for my iPhone and iPad are important to me. The 'GoTo' application for Tag Teamsters like myself. Simply Awesome!
By Dazguardoren on Jan 12, 2021, Australia

Does what i need

5 star rating
I have searched for tagging SW in both Windows and Mac (Unix/Linux would be OK as well) that is easy to use and has reliable, repeatable results. This SW is what I was looking for and is also what I would have written if I was so inclined. It is a spreadsheet looking interface, which works for me; others have complained about it, but it is impossible to write a UI that works for everybody (try it sometime). Years ago, they had some issues when Apple updated the OS, but they worked them out; When I complained to them, they sent me a beta release to try and that worked. I have individually fixed the tags on over 700 albums and there is only one album that has problems - I think it was the ripping that caused them. If only these guys wrote a ripping/converting program, my music processing problems would be over.
By uncompressed music lover on Dec 31, 2020, USA


5 star rating
No need further search, I tried them all. This one is the most advanced yet simple to use Tag App, it's worth the price. Straight to the point and friendly support too. Thank You!
By RYU saxophones on Dec 29, 2020, Slovakia

Super nice!

5 star rating
This app is so nice. I publish music myself. This app makes it perfect to finish my mp3 file when I release a digital album.
By callingworship on Dec 24, 2020, USA


5 star rating
Handsdown the best and EASIEST editer I've come across over the years. Great work to all involved.
By redcoatproject51 on Dec 23, 2020, USA

Good software and perfect service

5 star rating
Good software and perfect service. Software works and even in the weekend perfect service
By Weekend52 on Dec 21, 2020, Netherlands

Excellent Application

5 star rating
Have been using for 3 years. If you are working with large libraries it is a must...
By Moonburn1977 on Dec 18, 2020, USA