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It's good but...

4 star rating

before you download it, it is advertised as a free product. You'll find out that you need to pay when you wantto export yor files. It's not expensive and there's no advertising on inApp purchases. But it shouldn't be mentioned as a free to use application.

By rbxla on Dec 08, 2023, Germany

Super easy to use! A Must have!

5 star rating

This soves a major issue when trying to write tags to WAV files in particular!

By djapnrcpro on Dec 06, 2023, USA

Great app

5 star rating

Was on the fence between this and MP3tag, which is cheaper but clearly designed for Windows whereas this is designed for Mac (and it shows!). Works great for batch editing samples in a drum kit (2500 sounds, and it only took a fraction as long as I thought it would). 5 stars!

By Randomdude742 on Nov 30, 2023, USA

I Love it !!!

4 star rating

My only issue is I haven't figured out to back up my settings to the cloud

By BIGBOYTYME on Nov 08, 2023, USA

No pensaba que existiese algo tan bueno

5 star rating

Poco mas se puede decir.

By Jose Maria T. on Nov 05, 2023, Spain

Life saver!

5 star rating

This is a MUST HAVE for music library maintenance.

By MusikLuverWorld on Oct 18, 2023, USA


5 star rating

Für mich ging es in erster Linie darum die Zählernummern durch den Künstlernamen zu ersetzen, bzw. copyright, Albumcover usw. Plattformübergreifend ergänzend eintragen zu können. Tag Editor erledigt das mit nur wenigen Klicks und benötigt keine 10 Sekunden. Für mich hat es sich jetzt schon gelohnt! Vielen vielen Dank!!

By AUDIODSTN on Sep 29, 2023, Germany

So Far So Good

5 star rating

I am an audio engineer and needed to have an easy way to enter metadata as needed. Have only applied to four songs, but it's working perfectly!

By Blotter Ink on Sep 18, 2023, USA

Vraiment une des meilleurs applications achetées ces dernières années

5 star rating

Simple, efficace, rapide, intuitif. Tout ce qu'on attend d'une application de tags, bravo aux concepteurs !

By GrosSon122 on Aug 22, 2023, France

Love it

5 star rating

This is the best mac store available tagging tool for managing a large collection of media files, I use it to tag all of my audio and video files and it saves me a tonne of time. It's a great way of bulk tagging vmedia before bringing them into an editing workflow or for ultimate SEO tagging of exported media prior to uploading to social media or sharing sites such as youtube, spotify etc. Be sure and dig around as there are a tonne of hidden features you wont even realise you needed until you find them there.. Just brilliant :)

By Demonstoned on Aug 13, 2023, Australia


5 star rating

Good . I'm loading music I own but have recorded from disc or loaded on a Brennan than transferred. It loses the track order, artwork etc in that process so this is a godsend - worth the £29.99 as I have alot of music. Dont have a pc, just a MAC but no CD/DVD drive. Can't understand these whingers who want the whole thing for free - maybe re-introduce the "try-before-you-buy" concept which was prevalent in early PCs.

By ChipTux on Aug 01, 2023, UK


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