Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #10


5 star rating
Ottima, permette di gestire i tag dei files anche in maniera multipla. Non ho avuto problemi di compatibilit di iTunes. Soddisfattissimo!
By Jack Casta on Feb 20, 2019, Italy

So far so good!

5 star rating
Just downloaded this 10 minutes ago and figured it out quickly. Changed my personal recordings and added copyright info, artist, etc. 8 songs all done! Thanks for this app!
By ArtWindows on Feb 18, 2019, USA

Muito Bom!

5 star rating
No gratuito como muitos queriam, mas 74Reais pela licena total ou 6,50 pr ms. Enfim, precisamos parar com essa coisa de que tudo tem que ser de graa. Existem pessoas trabalhando para criar aplicativos para ns. Ainda no precisei comprar a licensa, pois uso pouco, mas comprarei com prazer quando for requerido. o pessoal vai na lanchonete e gasta 150 contos rindo, no pode pagar 70 contos de ris para ter uma parada bacana!!!!Vamos, l pessoal!
By Lucke1000 on Feb 12, 2019, Brazil


5 star rating
It does what it says and it does it well as far as my experience goes. I don’t always go very deep with ID3 tags but adding an image and updating/adding artist, album, track names, dates, &c all works great. Highly recommended. Very straight foreward design and easy to use. Intelligent cut-and-paste makes working easier.
By asendzi on Feb 10, 2019, USA


5 star rating
Excellect Apps. Super useful!
By slipa_way on Feb 07, 2019, Hong Kong

I like the EXCEL concept

5 star rating
I like the EXCEL concept. I’m a keyboard person, so excel concept is magical. Feature Request if I may: - Batch Filename-rename-based-on-format Apply I like the filename renaming based on other tags and formating function. However, there’s no batch apply for this function (or I didn’t know where the function is located). This feature will be a killer feature for my application of this software. Otherwise, I really like the UI concept of how to speed edit tags.
By Beauclara on Feb 01, 2019, Taiwan


5 star rating
Does everything I need and is simple to use.
By MHCfan on Jan 31, 2019, Slovakia

Exactly what I needed

5 star rating
I had been looking for a long time for a program to retag and rename my music files. This one works perfect. Years ago I had converted my vinyl to CD's. And had to manually rename them. Then I was converting those to MP3's. I had a program caled Music Match. It was great, and renamed and retagged very well. But they stop supporting that software. I never found anything close to that again. Until i tried this free version. I then bought the full version and is worth every cent. I have a lot of music that I copied from friends. And need to be renamed as well. This is perfect.
By JazzCat22 on Jan 25, 2019, USA

Very Useful Tool

5 star rating
Did not take long to get used to the TAG EDITOR. I now find it easy to use and it doe’s every thing that I need.
By Gypsy133 on Jan 25, 2019, Switzerland

Simply the best!

5 star rating
Free and yet awesome! Thank you!
By Arkar WINN MINN HTWE on Jan 20, 2019, Singapore

Einfach TOP

5 star rating
Je fter man damit arbeitet, desto mehr Vorzge fr dieses Programm fallen auf. Einfach in der Anwendung, Top vom Ergebnis. Kann man nur weiterempfehlen
By KleBra66 on Jan 17, 2019, Austria