Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #12

인코딩 말고는 매우 좋다!

5 star rating
좀 더 다양한 인코딩 지원만 되면 좋을듯. 맥에서 작업 후 윈도우에 가면 글자가 조각남
By 미스칠드런 on Nov 05, 2018, Korea, Republic Of

At last a tag editor that works - realy well!!

5 star rating
Just sorts out your tags - no fuss. I have tried many apps like this one but this is the best and most accurate I have found. Thanks!!
By pbic on Oct 31, 2018, UK

Not quite intuitive.

4 star rating
Once I grasped that only empty tags can be imported from "network", it's really great to use.
By djwAlpen on Oct 31, 2018, Switzerland

Very good to edit flac as well!

5 star rating
I really like this app, it’s very user-friendly and from all tagging apps I tried before, this is the most fast and most logic one.
By Elliwj on Oct 21, 2018, Belgium

“Free” is a limited trial version really

4 star rating
The free version of this app should bed treated as a slightly limited trial. There are popups, and id isn’t over quick. I paid the ten pound annual subscription and am pleased to report that it is more than worth the tenner. Nice thing is that I can tag up my 20K plus tracks, then revert to free version for anything new I buy. A few niggles, it doesnt look for an existing album name, so I have to revert that column. It would be more user friendly if you could select the columns you want to convert (this is an early use review, so the functionality might be there and I haven’t spotted it)
By Gary_Carr on Oct 19, 2018, UK

Tag Editor

4 star rating
The program does exactly what it purports to do, and most users will find it easy to get the hang of. One irritant is that it will incessently bug you about a review until you finally write one, and that I can do without. Reminds me of a two-year old baderging one for attention.
By drdonjr on Oct 17, 2018, USA


5 star rating
FLACファイルのタグ編集に使っています。 Excelライクにタグを一括編集でき、ファイルへの書き込みが速いです。アートワークの埋め込みも安定しています。 紹介文にあるとおりですが、基本的なコピペ以外にもキーボードショートカットが用意されており、これで時間を掛けずに処理できて使いやすいです。 (この点、開発者に質問して教えてもらったことで、サポートが良く助かりました。) Handy for batch editing of tags. It’s speedy even in embedding artwork. Helpful to deal with FLAC files.
By apple-juice on Oct 14, 2018, Japan


5 star rating
Ottima app per sistemare i tag dei file musicali. Veloce e stabile. Raccomandata!
By on Oct 02, 2018, Italy

A Must Have App, Changed My Life!!!

5 star rating
After a couple years of searching and wanting to organize my music collection, this app has single handedly helped improve my time by 85%! When I began this project a decade ago, I renamed my music files manually on the file level, and would go back into iTunes and update the file’s metadata tags again. It became such a tedious time sucking experience, this project didn’t last long. Until I came across this App recently, it solved the GAP that I desperately needed. I have tried a few other freeware Apps out there, and none of them performed to the STEALTH and SPEED AS THIS APP HAS! It never crashed, and the updates did exactly how it was supposed to perform. Within a good 2 hours of playing around and cleansing my folders, I was able to shave something that would have costed me 10 months of work (few hours every weekend) down to just 2 hours - based on the # of files and folders I was working with. I give credit where it’s due and this App thus far has been the best I’ve come across. The UE and GUI both are great, intuitive, and learning curve is minimal. I tried it out first with its freeware and withn minutes I figured out how to use it enough to be dangerous. Love this app, keep up the great work developing Tag Editor! 10/10 from me.
By BigKidYo on Sep 09, 2018, USA


5 star rating
Cool piece of software.
By GrahamCole23 on Aug 30, 2018, UK


5 star rating
Awesome! Save my time a lot!
By Lucas Yu 555 on Aug 26, 2018, Hong Kong