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At last a proper spreadsheet based TAG editor

5 star rating

Built in access to on-line TAG resources MusicBrainz etc to label even no name tracks. Select unlimited columns or lines of your collection to change any settings within seconds. This program saves so much time in a format any spreadsheet savvy person can use, even novices can pick it up in no time. Brilliant.....

By Rodingozo on Feb 21, 2023, Malta

Good app for my simple tag editing needs

4 star rating

Works very nicely for the tag editing I usually need to do. The online user guide looks good, and it's simple to figure out the basics so far. Happy with this product.

By Cam-J on Feb 16, 2023, USA

Like a spreadsheet

5 star rating

Does exactly what it's supposed to. Had some issue overwriting hidden v1 tags on old files, just had to clear the fields, save, and re-enter.

By Richard E. Grant on Feb 06, 2023, USA

Yeah, its amazing

5 star rating

Ive had it for years now and just came to check if there were any updates as im loading 15k tracks for processing. This thing is a beast! get it!

By Subemotion on Jan 18, 2023, USA

Just works and does it's job well

5 star rating

Follows the philosophy of doing one thing, and doing it well. This tool is great, it's done everything I've asked of it, be it renaming poorly named files, or adding metadata.

By Brian_123456 on Jan 17, 2023, USA

Fabulous app

5 star rating

I'm one of the many 'nuts' out here who are about as ocd as can be when it comes to organizing and tagging my iTunes . . . been doing this for some 20 years. I've done about 42 Gb of files to date. I forget the name of the several tag editors I have known in the past. They were all forgettable, some moreso than others. But This one is perfect for me, I have total control over every detail, which is what it's all about. It has never skipped a beat. And it's very easy to use interface is properly intuitive. The one question I had was answered quickly by the developer. This software is The must have for anyone who needs this sort of thing.

By Sunra956 on Dec 18, 2022, USA

Super easy to use and YES ITS FREE

5 star rating

There's a review from a couple years back that says that its not free but when I used it (October 2022), the free app allows for you to easily adjust the metadata of mp3 files. Great app. Cheers to the devs

By mb4wong on Oct 20, 2022, Canada

quasi perfetto

4 star rating

comodo e abbastanza preciso, carica dal web molti dati e aiuta a catalogare correttamente i brani, consiglio comunque di controllare bene perchè a volte alcuni anni sono sbagliati, oppure non trova le cover oppure duplica cover di altri brani, ma nel complesso è abbastanza preciso e velocizza moltissimo i tempi, inoltre il file excel ampio è utilissimo anche per scrivere manualmente tutto quello che serve, sono soddisfatto

By Katoplepa on Oct 14, 2022, Italy


5 star rating

Can't say enough great things about this app. I work in the film/TV world and need to tag my music for it to stand a chance of being seen/heard by the show runners, music supervisors, etc. Having the correct tags makes a world of difference and being able to add them to files without issue is a must in this fast-paced world. Tag Editor is perfect! My only request would be to get it to integrate seamlessly with online reel tools such as Reelcrafter and Disco. At the moment the tags do come into those systems, but there's still some manula adjustments that need to be made.

By iggy1345 on Jul 13, 2022, USA

Great app. Worth the money.

5 star rating

The Apple Music app (formerly iTunes) is bad at a lot of things. One of them is keeping track of files, tags, etc. Tag Editor makes all that so much easier. I'm a musician. I need a good way to prep my metadata for sharing reels and sending things out. I can totally rely on Tag Editor to handle that for me.

By Jay Squared on Jul 06, 2022, USA

Очень удобно чистить теги!

5 star rating

Очень удобно чистить теги ото всякого... Вытягивать названия из файла по шаблону и т д

By Дмитрий Богданов on Jul 05, 2022, Russia


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