Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #2

Tut, was es soll

5 star rating

Das Programm ist sehr übersichtlich und gut. Ich benutze es, um reihenweise meine MP3s zu taggen und dementsprechend auch die Dateien umzubenennen . Ob oder wie man hingegen umgekehrt die MP3s anhand der Dateinamen taggen könnte, habe ich leider jedoch noch nicht herausgefunden. Man kann auch in der Ansicht einstellen, auf welche Spalten-Kriterien man wert legt. Ich für meinen Teil überschaue z.B. gerne, ob die Titel die gleiche Bitrate haben; die Abtastrate wäre als Anzeige noch wünschenswert. Wünschneswert wäre zudem eine Nutzung im Dark-Mode, da das Programm in Weiß doch schon sehr blendet. Alles in allem eine sehr solides Programm.

By Phaellis on Apr 24, 2021, Germany

Amazing for Music

5 star rating

Really easy to replace file name with Meta Data tags. My file names were some long numbers while Itunes recognized them by artist, song title, album, etc. This app made it Soooo easy to transfer the song info to the file name with one click!

By _M1$T/-\ m3 to0_ on Apr 22, 2021, USA

This is GREAT

5 star rating

iTunes was a disaster! With this program, I was able to fix many, many, MANY files! Well worth the money!!!

By AppStore Shopper on Apr 21, 2021, USA

Echt Super

5 star rating

die App ist echt Super und sehr hilfreich.. DANKE!!

By ThorV70 on Apr 21, 2021, Germany


5 star rating

Great app that perfectly does what it supposed to do.

By Nagan11 on Apr 21, 2021, Belarus

Super Tool

5 star rating

Habe vorher mit eigenen Scripts gearbeitet. Dieses Tool ist einfach perfekt, um seine Audiosammlung perfekt zu verwalten

By Orush on Apr 18, 2021, Germany

Great Tagging Software!

5 star rating

I love everything about it. The only thing I would change would be to have an option to list "Track #'s" as "1 of 10", "2 of 10", etc. as opposed to just "1, 2, 3, etc.".

By DoBro80 on Apr 09, 2021, USA

Pratica veloce

5 star rating

Sono un appassionato di musica, e amo avere le mie librerie sempre ben organizzate, grazie a questo piccolo e semplice programma, sono riuscito a sistemare i miei vecchi cd e vinili. La amo!!!

By AedanBarbato on Apr 03, 2021, Italy

Simply Awesome!

5 star rating

Basically this is Excell like editing where you can edit multiple cells at once. NO OTHER tag editor can compare, period! NEED a Windows version, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

By renedjenkins on Mar 31, 2021, USA


5 star rating

I use this software all the time. Keeps all my MP3 in perfect order.

By Chrisuk70 on Mar 30, 2021, UK

Great App!

5 star rating

It does exactly what it says and thats what i need! To those who say the developer is being deceptive with saying its free; it says beside GET "Offers In-App Purchases" then you are the blind sheep!

By Wynton Montgomery on Mar 02, 2021, USA