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fast and easy

5 star rating

Great tool for quickly editing file data outside of iTunes. Created playlists for my mom of her favorite 1950's artists on a windows formatted iPod that would not allow this any other way. [ device was her husbands who has been gone 4 years ].

By Echo9 on Apr 25, 2024, USA

the best to change tags

5 star rating

I've tried many (I've 30K music files). This is the only really easy to manage large number of files, using an excel like board Thanks, really

By morelweb on Apr 15, 2024, France

Very handy

5 star rating

The spreadsheet format makes the correction of incorrect metadata easy. Inconsistencies quickly stand out and become easy to address.

By msmith7 on Apr 05, 2024, USA

Good product. Handles MP3's data well.

4 star rating

Good batch file processor. Clean up large fles quickly. Retrieving information for the internet can take some time. I wish it could handle WMA files.

By Don C1. on Mar 31, 2024, USA

Basic but works nicely for minor edits

5 star rating

Very good app for updating metadata / tags on music files. Some CD's do not have accurate tag data (Track 1, 2, 3...) and no art cover data. This app is useful for updating those items.

By JJofoakville on Mar 21, 2024, Canada

Great tool for organizing older files!

5 star rating

Have been collecting files for many years, espcially Asian songs. Some titles were using older text encodings. The function to "Fix Encoding" is a godsend! Many thanks to the developer!

By anwarasw on Mar 17, 2024, Singapore

Nice and simple, art work is not added properly

4 star rating

It's fast and intuitive. It is so simple, that I have to get used to it. Unfortunately adding artwork seems to do its job in the tag editor, but does not show in Apple Music or Finder.

By Mnet2 on Mar 12, 2024, Netherlands

Excellent App

5 star rating

Makes it easy to categorize, catalog and organize audio files. Please keep it as it is and don't try to make it fancier looking or anything. The current interface is perfect and simple.

By Last Grasp on Mar 09, 2024, USA

Ausgezeichnet, aber ...

4 star rating

Die Software ist wirklich sehr hilfreich und effizient bedienbar. Ich vermisse aber eine Möglichkeit, *alle* zu einem Stück vergebenen Tags außerhalb der Tabelle auf einmal überblicken zu können. Angesichts der Vielfalt und Redundanz der möglichen Felder und der Heterogenität der Einträge in den Referenzdatenbanken wäre das eine Hilfe, seine eigene Datenbank etwas konsistenter zu bekommen. Leider galt meine erste Lizen

By i-Gnorant on Feb 08, 2024, Germany

Buona App

5 star rating

App molto semplice ed intuitiva, con la quale si riescono a modificare tantissime informazioni sulle canzoni, che si riescono a recuperare in automatico dai vari server online disponibili. Preciso che ho provato solo la versione lite, non so cosa viene offerto in piu', in quella completa.

By VeronVer75 on Feb 04, 2024, Italy

Try before you buy

5 star rating

This is a superb utility for fixing song titles, artist names, years, tags etc., with an excellent online manual. I spent nearly 90 minutes trying-out the 'Lite' version for free before deciding to buy the full app as a one-off purchase. If you only intend to fix your library once then stick with the Lite version - but if you are going to be using it for longer then buy the full app.

By 62bMoose on Jan 06, 2024, UK


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