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This is really awesome

5 star rating

Thank you so much this app is awesome and really nice. iTunes is weird cuz, sometimes if I put long playtime music, it doesn't work so I cannot edit tag data on iTunes, and now with this app, I can edit really easily. Damn nice. thanks a lot

By 뿌조뿌조 on May 14, 2023, Korea, Republic Of

Výborná Bewzplatná app Mac M1

5 star rating

Občas se netrefí automaticky do tagu z internetu, ale lze i doplnit ručně. Chvilka hledání, kde co a jak funguje, ale funguje vše a bezplatně. Takže za mě pět hvězd.

By g.m.kenny on May 03, 2023, Czech Republic

Mac 平台极好的标签编辑器

5 star rating

我的感受是震惊的。众里寻他千百度,猛然来这儿一看,却有个免费然而极其好用的标签编辑器,虽曰lite,实则相当pro。 对我来说尤其有用的,是他的文件重命名功能。 感谢作者,感谢你们的团队,人类之光。 You are the light of human being!

By 尚雷勋 on Apr 27, 2023, China

Исправила кодировку 6000 mp3 за минуту

5 star rating

Исправила кодировку старой библиотеки в 6000 mp3 за минуту! Великолепная прога!

By DRon450 on Apr 23, 2023, Russia

This app is very good

5 star rating

When I downloaded this app i didnt expect to be downloading a good tag editor, but its actually great. It always works and is mad simple. Free is a good price thats why this jawn 5 stars. SHoutout tag editor free

By Llamalover78 on Apr 05, 2023, USA


5 star rating

Ich nutze Tag Editor schon einige Jahre, aber dieses Update ist mit Abstand das Beste und ich habe mir diese Funktionen immer gewünscht. Um ehrlich zu sein, habe ich nicht damit gerechnet, dass die App überhaupt noch gewartet wird. Der Import meiner iTunes Mediathek (ca. 25k Titel) klappt reibungslos und vereinfacht den Workflow deutlich. Ausserdem habe ich jetzt die Möglichkeit für eine "Generalinventur" und Bereinigung.

By Sgoldkuh on Mar 16, 2023, Germany

At last a proper spreadsheet based TAG editor

5 star rating

Built in access to on-line TAG resources MusicBrainz etc to label even no name tracks. Select unlimited columns or lines of your collection to change any settings within seconds. This program saves so much time in a format any spreadsheet savvy person can use, even novices can pick it up in no time. Brilliant.....

By Rodingozo on Feb 21, 2023, Malta

Good app for my simple tag editing needs

4 star rating

Works very nicely for the tag editing I usually need to do. The online user guide looks good, and it's simple to figure out the basics so far. Happy with this product.

By Cam-J on Feb 16, 2023, USA

Like a spreadsheet

5 star rating

Does exactly what it's supposed to. Had some issue overwriting hidden v1 tags on old files, just had to clear the fields, save, and re-enter.

By Richard E. Grant on Feb 06, 2023, USA

Yeah, its amazing

5 star rating

Ive had it for years now and just came to check if there were any updates as im loading 15k tracks for processing. This thing is a beast! get it!

By Subemotion on Jan 18, 2023, USA

Just works and does it's job well

5 star rating

Follows the philosophy of doing one thing, and doing it well. This tool is great, it's done everything I've asked of it, be it renaming poorly named files, or adding metadata.

By Brian_123456 on Jan 17, 2023, USA


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