Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #2

Important App

5 star rating
The app does what it says, efficiently. Tags files, removes unnecessary data etc. Great app to organize files.
By Hot-MixBK on May 18, 2020, USA

Wonderful App!

5 star rating
Love the app and it is very user friendly.
By Tombebe on May 17, 2020, Hong Kong

Useful and reliable

5 star rating
Tag editor does what it says it does - retagging and naming music files.
By dmoorman4 on May 14, 2020, USA

Muy buena una vez que la compras

5 star rating
La version gratuita ofrece todos los features que la version gratis, la unica diferencia es que al momento se subir o guardar archivos lo hae de una manera muy lenta, pero una vez que compra la version lo hace bastante rapido, la recomiendo ampliamente.
By Osiris Villa on May 02, 2020, Mexico

Alles drin was man braucht

5 star rating
Ich finde diese Software mega hilfreich und bin sehr zufrieden damit. Lediglich einen automatisierten Abruf vom Erscheinungsjahr und Genre vermisse ich, alles andere was ich brauche ist vorhanden und funktioniert einwandfrei.
By *Lucas* on Apr 21, 2020, Germany

Best I've Found

5 star rating
I ended up getting the paid version because I like it so well. It is the most straightforward, easiest to use, behaves the way you'd expect. Makes it simple & quick to edit audio file tags.
By Billfish1 on Apr 19, 2020, USA

Working Flawlessly

5 star rating
I really like working with the text in a spreadsheet format - so easy to copy and past or eyeball where dissimilar entries exist.
By Mac Cowboy on Apr 13, 2020, USA

Simple and it works!!

5 star rating
Really happy with this. Its simple and intuitive to use. Its quick to make changes and just works.
By EGabc on Apr 12, 2020, Australia

Great App

5 star rating
I'm using this to avoid using Itunes and it works exactly as advertised. It works best if you've paid for a subscription, then it's fast and efficient. The developer was quick and accurate to respond when I had a question about my subscription.
By user8421248 on Apr 10, 2020, USA

Exelente Tag Editor

5 star rating
Esta aplicacin me ayudado a poder identificar mi msica hasta de una forma Online, incluyendo la identificacin de correo de voz hecho ha travs de WhatsApp, puedo inmediatamente etiquetarlos y enviarlos a un archivo donde son fcil de encontrar y re usarlos en la radio, ha sido mi aliado en batalla una forma de decirlo la recomiendo a todo aquel que quiera usarla
By Delacruz677 on Apr 08, 2020, USA

Great support

5 star rating
this is by far the easiest and has more features than any other tag editor i have used in the past. but what makes it my 5 star vote is the customer service. i had to reformat my mac and was having issues with restore my purchase from the app store. i sent their customer service an email and within less than a day, nick emailed me back with clear instructions on how to fix my issue. in less than 5minutes i was back up and running
By EazyGoer11 on Apr 07, 2020, USA


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