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Great piece of software, needs update though

4 star rating

Nice piece of software that has a great layout, and works really intuitive. I would like to be able to edit the metadata in .dsf files aswell though, considering the increasing popularity of DSD audio I reckon it would be a valuable adition to this otherwise awesome app.

By Anthrow on Sep 16, 2016, Netherlands

Simple & Rapide

4 star rating

Utilisation en tant que DJ et amateur de musique en tout genre. Logiciel simple & rapide. Pour les bémols : - colonne "label / éditeur" absente. - le network tagging est long et ne fonctionne bien que sur du commercial ou très connu, les infos récuperées sont limitées.

By Lou Disse on Aug 27, 2016, France

not free

4 star rating

although it says that the application is free, it is not, every 10 seconds you get a message that you have to pay. it is a good application but not free

By Van den hoed on Aug 27, 2016, Netherlands

Robust and fast

4 star rating

The spreadsheet model works well. The app is fast and makes changes reliably. The find and replace and spreadsheet-like column edits are nice. I would like to see the controls even more spreadsheet-like though, with 'copy down' and automatic saving of a change when you hit an arrow button to leave a cell (like Excel does). Recommend it.

By Freezel on Aug 04, 2016, Netherlands

Bardzo przydatna

5 star rating

Bardzo fajny programik do utrzymywania porządku w plikach muzycznych.Prosty w obsłudze i pozwalajacy uporządkować muzykę przed wrzuceniem w iTuns.Polecam

By 1superbohater on Jul 25, 2016, Poland

Absolutely perfect for my purposes!

5 star rating

I needed an app to get rid of the tags from multiple files so that I could control the names given to files added to the iTunes library. While I was at it, I wanted to make the artist and album names consistent for all files and delete tags that I don’t use. This app is absolutely perfect for my purposes!

By Jimbo724 on Jul 12, 2016, USA

Works as expected, easy to sue with a good UI, Solid Performer

5 star rating

Not much more to add to the title. A great comprehensive utility that works on single fiels or in batch mode with a selection. Perfect for fixing up those streamed ausdio files with incorrect tags (yeah I'm calling you out Spotify).

By danilushka on Jun 26, 2016, USA


5 star rating

Being a Dj for over 30 years from vinyl to digital, labeling and orgaization is important to me when it comes to my music. I like to have everything in it’s place. Certain music here, certain music there. This thing is nice! I bought the product instead paying for the subscription because it was on sale. I would’ve paid for it eventually but it’s worth every penny!

By Dj Abesamp on Jun 23, 2016, USA

basic and easy

5 star rating

If you are looking for something very basic and easy, this is it. I used it to organize my m3p KJV Bible, and it did the trick perfectly. Thanks

By Polinco on Jun 17, 2016, USA

Great application

5 star rating

I’m happy to use this apps. Its very useful. What is missing from my point of view is option how to mark various track as Compilation of Various artist. Maybe it is somehow possible but I didn’t found that option. In general I’ very happy for this application..

By normanxl on Jun 13, 2016, Slovakia

Sehr hilfreich!

5 star rating

Auch wenn diese Software mit € 20,00 zubuche schlägt, ist sie wirklich ihr Geld wert. Ich habe an einem Abend mein komplettes Hörbuch-Archiv neu getaggt und alles funktionierte Wunderbar.

By DiHa77 on May 30, 2016, Germany


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