Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #17

Great app

5 star rating
Its great even managed to tag my danish tracks.
By DjPWB on Jul 26, 2018, Denmark

It just takes time but works well

4 star rating
I actually had to mess around to figure it out but it works as promised. I had a bunch of music downloaded without the proper tags and everytime I change computers or something happens during an upgrade I would have to redo everything in itunes. I figured it would be better to properly tag the files for once. It is time consuming to get the correct info on each song and then load into itunes but well worth it. I haven’t seen one pop up as everybody notes. Guess I am lucky.
By GT4Guy on Jul 25, 2018, USA

App has saved me hours of tedious work

5 star rating
Having copy and paste functionality from a spreadsheet has saved me countless hours of tagging. Well worth it for that alone! I haven't used much of the other features, but the basics as a tag editor, it works as expected.
By Waz5Oh on Jul 19, 2018, USA


5 star rating
Eine Freude damit zu arbeiten.
By on Jul 10, 2018, Germany

Awesome App

5 star rating
Easy of use and efficient
By Pierre Au Yeung on Jul 07, 2018, Hong Kong

So muss Software sein

5 star rating
Wer Tags schnell und unkompliziert bearbeiten möchte ist bei dieser App genau richtig. Intuitiv einfach zu bedienen, schnell und zuverlässig. Ich habe erst die kostenlose Version eine Weile getestet und dann gerne gekauft, weil die Qualität stimmt. Ich bearbeite damit Tags für meine iTunes-Sammlung (Mobile Musik für Unterwegs) als auch für meine Musikbibliothek auf einem NAS, in der die Masse der Dateien im Flag-Format abgelegt sind.
By BernieNRW on Jun 23, 2018, Germany

Perfect for my needs

5 star rating
I recently became an all Mac girl so had to find substitutes for my wondows software. I used Mp3tag which I loved and after much serching I found this. Is simple, I can easily edit my podcast episodes and add all the info I need. Works great!
By Pinkstyy on Jun 19, 2018, UK

Clean and solid

4 star rating
I often use this app - therefor I like the feature of Search&Replace (restricted to selected area) and be able to remove the encoding-tag, which many other apps do not provide. However, despite their lack of updates (like their 30% discount for 24h which is up for months or even years now) - and the outdated app-images I fear, that this app will run out of stability and integration in the near future. As a feature-‘request’: I’d like to have a Search&Replace function, which supports RegEx - now i have to replace each digit separate and often run into trouble.
By Thriem on Jun 02, 2018, Austria

Tag Editor

5 star rating
liked the program free so far but will pay if need to as does the job i want
By Dannymack1981 on May 29, 2018, Spain

Does what it’s supposed to.

5 star rating
I’m not sure on what basis the criticism is coming in. I use this with my backing tracks ands a result, have been able to access some lyrics which were otherwise unavailable. Replacing the artwork is a nice touch too. Someone reffered to “One Foul Swoop” - a total malapropism. Should be “fell swoop” - the rapid plunge of a bird of prey.
By Pafos ArtesIan on May 28, 2018, UK


5 star rating
Questo programma è proprio strepitoso!!! In pochi secondi ho rinominato decine di file aggiungendo il numero di traccia, ho individuato immediatamente file con errori o con tag incompleti come l’id-traccia mancante… L’idea di avere tutte le informazioni visibili come in un foglio elettronico è stata grandiosa e si è rivelata estremamente pratica per le modifiche da fare ai file.
By ganapiolo on May 02, 2018, Italy