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10 STARS!!

5 star rating

Saves me sooo much time!!!! PERFECT! Just buy it for a month if u think 20 euro for a lifetime is to expensive. Also an other great option. Thnx

By [:S] on Feb 18, 2017, Netherlands

Whats Not To Like?

5 star rating

I almost deleted the program because it said free and it was asking me to subscribe. I really glad I didn’t. I have thousands of music files and when it comes to organization I’m some kind of nut. As with most things you have to put in some kind of work. After a couple of weeks I decided to pay, wow this thing is really fast and helpful. Not for lazy people, some songs some people never heard of tag it yourself. Some editors only work within their applications i.e. iTunes outside of their system your tags don’t work. I download a ton of reggae all those underscores WHY! it makes me sick to look at them. I love this program quit ur whine n whose doesn’t want to be paid for their work, how else can they make it better?

By Danny Dredz on Feb 11, 2017, USA

Excelente aplicación

5 star rating

Ayuda a editar los metadatos de los mp3 y renombrar los archivos. Es justo la herramienta que estaba buscando para organizar la biblioteca musical, luego añadir a itunes es simplemente arrastrar y quedan pefectamente ordenados

By poharamas on Feb 06, 2017, Spain

Funguje jak m

5 star rating

Výborná aplikace, která dokáže automaticky doplnit ID3 tagy včetně obalů alb. Koupil jsem si plnou verzi s doživotní licencí bez dalších obnovovacích nákladů. Určitě doporučuji všem.

By McMertik on Jan 28, 2017, Czech Republic

Funguje jak m

5 star rating

Automaticky vyhledá na internetu všechny potřebné tagy a doplní je do souboru včetně obrázku alba. Dělá co slibuje. Jsem spokojený a určitě mohu doporučit.

By McMertik on Jan 28, 2017, Czech Republic

Nifty bit of kit for the struggling musician

4 star rating

Cheap, does what it says on the can, and is quick and easy to use once set up. If there's one gripe, it’s a bit limited to what tags you can edit, apart from that, great!

By Phil_BS16 on Jan 19, 2017, UK

Best tag editor available

5 star rating

This is the best tag editor available. I have tried a lot of them but have not found one that works as good as this one. Well worth every penny. It is easy to edit and control all data of the files. I really recommend this software.

By PKDE on Jan 07, 2017, Sweden


5 star rating

I can’t believe i’ve gone for so many years without such and amazingly useful tool. It’s actually quite frustrating knowing that something like this has been out there all along and i’ve only just discovered it, as it wouold have saved me many weeks (and possibly months) worth of hours tagging and updating files manually! This is a fantastic app, does what is says on the tin and more. The interface reminds me of how easy it is to edit lines in a spreadsheet or workbook, including mass edit and replace functions, it’s that simple.

By KennyaJohnson on Jan 05, 2017, UK

Etikettieren, aber richtig

5 star rating

Wer schon mal mit iTunes seine Musiktitel mit dem internen Editor (Informationen) getagged (etikettiert) hat, der weiß wie mühselig dies ist. Wer umfangreiche Musiksammlungen hat, kommt an diesem Tool nicht vorbei. Hervorragende tabellarische Bearbeitung aller Informationen (von Album über Cover bis Jahr), d.h. eine Spalte markieren in einer Zelle den neuen Eintrag vornehmen und alle Titel bekommen diesen Wert. Ich habe meine 200GB umfassende Sammlung an einem Nachmittag überarbeitet.

By Rincewind999 on Dec 30, 2016, Germany

Works perfectly for what I needed it to do

5 star rating

Just needed something to quickly edit ID3 information for a small number of files. This small and simple app is entirely adequate, and I like the spreadsheet-like interface … very efficient for what I needed it to do, hence the 5* rating.

By Bawman-IT on Dec 03, 2016, USA

Works Nicely.

5 star rating

I bought this product (in spite of some negative reviews) to go along with the “To Flac” converter -which I really like a lot. It’s like $20 for the Tag Editor. It works very well for changing names and album art. Sometimes when I copy a CD into my digital library the names are just WRONG. Makes no sense. I think it’s a 5 star product and complements the FLAC product nicely as after you convert a CD it pops up the tag editor for review and changes as necessary. Highly recommended !

By Avoiding reality. on Oct 18, 2016, USA


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