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This is the one you want

5 star rating

Does everything it is supposed to do, and works right the first time. Best MacOS alternative to Tag & Rename, and I actually like it a little better. UI is cleaner.

By Detractus on Apr 15, 2018, USA

Does the job efficiently

5 star rating

I played with the free version for a few dozen music files and liked the way it worked, so I bought the “lifetime” version to get rid of the “sign up for monthly or yearly” prompt that kept coming up every few songs while loading or saving. If I hadn’t planned to do several thousand files at once, that wouldn’t have bothered me at all, so the program is usable as “free.” (Note: My laptop hard drive crashed, and my backed up music lost a lot of tags, album art, etc., and using iTunes to retag all these things is a nightmare.) Minor gripes: * It always fills “album artist” with the name of the album. I have to highlight the entire column and tell it to “revert” to blanks. Not sure if the programmers don’t know that album and album artist aren’t the same thing, but I can live with it. * I’d love to have a column for “disk #” in addition to “track #.” I have some multi-part CD collections, so “Track 1” listed four times isn’t very helpful. * It’s a minor annoyance to have to clear stuff out of “Comments” that the app puts in, but similar to “album artist” above, I can highlight the entire column and “revert.” Worth the price.

By TRmoviefan on Mar 25, 2018, USA

Bsta Tageditor jag testat

5 star rating

Mycket bra och lttanvnd editor. Klarar galant bde Wav och MP3. Extra plus fr att det gr att lgga till bilder. Jag fr ver en del av mina vinyler till Wav och drefter till MP3. Enkelt och bra att ha MP3 i bilen med all info om lt och artist m.m. Jag kan varmt rekomendera detta program.

By Vinylspelare on Mar 18, 2018, Sweden

Powerful Tag Editor & file renamer.

5 star rating

What can I add that hasn’t been said already, other than when you relent & upgrade to the fully licensed version (lets face it, it’ll take me ages to make the time to go through 30k+ files), don’t forget (like me) to then actually download & use the unlocked version. I have music files from several sources, consolidated from several of my own libraries on different HDD’s, using different naming conventions. Add into that the brilliant (not) function of iTunes which distributes your tracks to the wind…. Anyway, this App is single handedly making life very much easier in ways that other Tag Editors i’ve tried just didn’t seem to get. It’d be even better if there was an UNDO for iTUNES, or some means to collect up files from the four corners & bring them back together again in proper compilation fashion.

By AirZeee on Mar 11, 2018, UK

Stoj za ty penze!

5 star rating

Program který děla přesně to co od něj potřebuji! Nelituju ani jedné koruny kterou jsem za program zaplatil. Palec nahoru.

By HonzaKM on Mar 09, 2018, Czech Republic

Does what you want for a free APP

4 star rating

I don’t know what the big deal is, it does just what you want, reassignes basic headings, which is great if you’ve burned a ton of %$% from a centruy ago and never put titles on anything! Just what I was looking for anyway.

By JOY Ellinghaus on Mar 09, 2018, USA

Sehr empfehlenswert!

5 star rating

Die App ist unglaublich hilfreich, es lassen sich ganze Verzeichnisse in geringer Zeit überarbeiten. So habe ich an einem Nachmittag geschafft, was mich vermutlich sonst mehrere Abende gekostet hätte. Dafür zahle ich dann auch gerne die monatliche Gebühr in Höhe von 2,49 EUR um alle Funktionen nutzen zu können.

By Leviathane on Feb 28, 2018, Germany

Very useful for bulk changes

5 star rating

Although the app hasn’t been maintained in years, it still works like a charm even on the latest version of High Sierra and APFS formatted drives. Very usefull when you’ve got to change, delete and/or update tags for large amounts of files.

By Vato Gonzalez on Feb 12, 2018, Netherlands

Top maar niet Free

4 star rating

Werkt erg prettig is aleen niet echt gratis. Je moet soms veel op sluiten knop drukken. Als je niet te veel te doen hebt en dat niet erg vindt is het een erg puike app. Anders wel erg duur

By Bruce the hartz on Jan 27, 2018, Netherlands

Excellent! A must for iPod! Freedom, at last!

5 star rating

It replaces an absolute lack in the iMusic interface, i.e. the possibility to keep the Finder structure of files! I don't want to use the MP3 tags, because I want to arrange my musics the way I like, in the order I like, sometimes by artists, mixed with other musics I know by title, or by interpreter. This is MY choice, MY way, MY pleasure! And I don't give a damn if it is not the way Apple likes it...

By JPR-Jipirou on Jan 08, 2018, France

Very easy and fast adds tags ad arts to mp3 files

5 star rating

I have a lot of music, that I colected for a years. Not all from them had tags or arts. This app adds tags to all my files and also arts to the magority.

By Jyrii K. on Dec 29, 2017, Finland


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