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Great application

5 star rating
I’m happy to use this apps. Its very useful. What is missing from my point of view is option how to mark various track as Compilation of Various artist. Maybe it is somehow possible but I didn’t found that option. In general I’ very happy for this application..
By normanxl on Jun 13, 2016, Slovakia

Sehr hilfreich!

5 star rating
Auch wenn diese Software mit € 20,00 zubuche schlägt, ist sie wirklich ihr Geld wert. Ich habe an einem Abend mein komplettes Hörbuch-Archiv neu getaggt und alles funktionierte Wunderbar.
By DiHa77 on May 30, 2016, Germany

Really good app!

5 star rating
Easy to use app that does the job right! Excel style ID3 tag management is really fast and it’s choosing missing cover art really accurate. Maybe they should improve importing and analyzing speed in the future. Thank you.
By Eugen H. on Mar 20, 2016, Slovakia

The best mp3 tag editor on Mac

5 star rating
I’ve searched for a realy long time for good mp3 tag editor. This one is realy cool
By in43sh on Mar 15, 2016, USA

Simple and effect way to organize music

5 star rating
I have a lot of speakers that I get recording of and trying to organize them within iTunes was a pain. With this app, I can change the Art and relevant tags as a group before dropping them in to iTunes. This is saving me a ton of time and headache. I strongly recommend this application.
By Gene from RI on Mar 01, 2016, USA

Needs a bit of power, but very solid already

5 star rating
Missing a few features, but overall a very solid tag editor. The spreadsheet paradigm is very helpful compared to the "file list + details" method I'm more used to.
By AvataroftheSun on Feb 26, 2016, USA

Great easy to use app

5 star rating
Really good program for properly organising the tags on a large collection of music. I had tried about ten different programs and finally settled on this one though it is relatively expensive compared to some other options. It works really well for finding missing tag info and renaming the actual files. It would be great to see in a future release the ability to also batch rename the album folders, or even automatically create album folders and move the mp3 files to the correct folder.
By user8102 on Feb 14, 2016, UK

one of the best

5 star rating
i have used alot of software and paid a lot of money to tags my 2000 songs but this one has done the job… hitzone and dance artworks get disappear with this software and get replaced by the right album artwork…. i love it. thanks
By HATTR7CK on Jan 29, 2016, Netherlands

Great, Tag Free Editor

4 star rating
I have bought this for 12 Months, however they they only allow 250 tracks number.
By PNGGold on Jan 26, 2016, Australia

Really nice app

5 star rating
One of the smoothest and easiest-to-use music tagging apps I’ve ever used. Very well done & worth the price.
By WillCate1960 on Jan 25, 2016, USA

This program is great!!

5 star rating
It is finding the tags for files that both Itunes and Music Brainz Picard are missing. It allows you to preview inside the program so you can decide if the tag is correct or not. I have yet to have an issue. It is making my life so much easier! I have a massive collection and its helping me out tremendously.
By Musicians everywhere on Jan 17, 2016, USA


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