Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #20

Warum einfach, wenn es auch schwerer geht?

5 star rating
Nach jedem iTunes Update hatte ich mehr Probleme, mich in das Programm einzufinden und meine Hörbücher nach meinem „Gusto“ zu sortieren. Dann kommt ein Programm daher und siehe da, plötzlich geht das für mich wieder ganz einfach. Und, dass man dafür Geld bezahlt, ist OK. Wer arbeitet umsonst? Von den Likes allein wird kein Programmierer satt!
By Readandgo on Jun 05, 2017, Germany


5 star rating
Gyus im just shoked!!! I paid 29 for TidyMyMusic and so dissapointed that almoust all my cyrilic names i need edit manually. BUT HTIS App do it all authomaticly! and only 2 its worthy it!!
By Gfsjkdj on May 14, 2017, UK


4 star rating
By Bonsoul on May 13, 2017, Japan

Nice For DJs

5 star rating
Tagging multiple Files without waiting so long cause it is temporary saved into cach is for my 15000 video file library a huge plus.
By dJ Sierro on May 08, 2017, USA

Works Perfect!

5 star rating
Works well and is very fast. Same author who wrote “To MP3 Converter”. Both are excellent.
By Dlgebert on Apr 23, 2017, USA

Easy and UI is good!

5 star rating
I use this App for Hi-res Walkman music. I like this App.
By moorea island in Japan on Apr 14, 2017, Japan


5 star rating
Tengo la versin gratuita, Que S es gratuita y me funciona muy bien. La limitacin de la versin gratuita es no poder editar varios archivos al mismo tiempo pero lo hago uno por uno sin problema. Tiene todas las funciones que necesito incluyendo cambiar la imagen (artwork).
By GaboArq on Apr 03, 2017, Mexico

Works as Advertised

5 star rating
Sometimes the best compliment (especially for free apps) is just that it works as advertised, and this does just that. I use it to tag my podcast episodes before they go out as The Unfiltered Gentlemen.
By ccwhypnotic on Mar 21, 2017, USA

Best MP3 Tagger Out There

5 star rating
By far and away the most reliable MP3 Tag Program App out there. Well Worth £1.99 a month. Stable, precise and so easy to use. Change multiple files in one foul swoop. Dont listen to the neg comments here. it does what it says. Better than free softwar by miles and miles cheaper than some of the others. Solid on my MAC unlike other where you have to run Wine.
By The first voice of reason on Mar 20, 2017, UK

Finally, a decent Tag Editor on the Mac

5 star rating
Holy frak, I searched forever to find this. Thank you SO MUCH for making a good tag editor for the Mac.
By Awfki on Mar 19, 2017, USA

Does what it promises

5 star rating
This tool just works wonderfully. Easy spreadsheet functiality - swift and easy data entry - copy, paste, and that's it. Also good safety. Strongly recommended!
By retteph on Mar 12, 2017, Norway