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Very Good, But Not Perfect

4 star rating

Summary: Good tool, but a couple flaws you need to be aware of. Recommended as long as you pay attention to what the tool is doing to your tags. I am a DJ and am using Tag Editor successfully to clean up a large library of music. If you are a typical consumer just trying to clean up your iTunes library, then you will likely enjoy this even more than I have, as my needs are a little more complex than a typcial person. (i.e., I have multiple versions/mixes of many songs that are not what you are downloading from iTunes, etc.) My primary issue is the automatic network search and update of your tags WILL occassionally misidentify your song and COMPLETELY change all the tags to the wrong song. If you are trying to update a large number of files at once, and where you only have one version of each song, it will be VERY hard for you to catch when this happens. For example, I ran an update across about 300 songs, with about 3 versions of each song. The automatic network search/update feature told me that the song “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor was in fact “I Love A Rainy Night” by Eddie Rabbit. I verified that my song was indeed “I Will Survive” and easily reverted the tags back. But, if you were not checking each and every song line-by-line you probably wouldn’t notice how wrong it was. And, once you save it… oops. Imagine the fun you will have when you think you are playing one song and something completely different comes up. How are you going to fix THOSE types of issues unless you listen to every song in your library one at a time and check the tagging. Yikes. If your file names reflect the song name (and maybe the artist) you can catch these types of issues by taking your time and reviewing every song Tag Editor changes tags on before you save your changes. There is no “revert” once you save the changes… I have worked around the issue simply by being very patient and diligent. If you are a person that just wants to run the update and save it without actually looking at the results, this is probably not for you. For as much as you will make parts of your library richer in tagging, you will make a small part of it a disaster. TO BE 100% FAIR: This is could be an issue with the music library the songs are compared to and not with the Tag Editor app itself. However, when such drastic changes are made, maybe Tag Editor would do good to highlight those somehow in a different color so you know to pay special attention to those. (i.e., if Tag Editor changes song name, artist and album, maybe that’s a warning sign something drastic might be wrong and you could more easily review it.) I do suggest if you are going to try and update a large number of tracks, break it up into smaller sets of tracks to analyze (like maybe 25 at a time). The network search feature can take a LONG time to run. And, you don’t want to have a huge number of changed tags you can’t save until you review them ALL. The more tracks you have being analyzed at once, the more risk you have of something going wrong. And, so far, my only real request for improvement is to have the ability to change the color Tag Editor uses to show which tags have been updated. As a person with slight color blindness, it would really help if changed tags would be highlighted more boldly so you can quickly see what has changed and decide if you want to keep the change or not. Overall a good tool. For me, a person with 1,000’s of tracks to analyze, it has proven worth the $20 I spent for the app. I would recommend it to others, but just be aware of the pitfalls, take your time, and you will get good results from this tool. But definitely some room for improvements in future releases, I hope.

By SilverSlugger1 on Dec 31, 2018, USA

funziona bene

5 star rating

ottimo programma trovo caro 21 euro, si usa qualche volta istruzioni praticamente assenti non ho trovato il modo di eliminare i doppioni

By fconrad on Dec 26, 2018, Italy

Can almost edit all the TAGS except the WhereFrom

4 star rating

This, especially for FREE, is a good meta Tag editor, gives you access to most tags with one noteable exception the Where From tag, metadata:kMDItemWhereFroms, you can read this when you select Get Info from the right click menu, the only way I have found to edit this is via Terminal code and that’s not 100% first time so can be very time consuming if you wish to change this tag. Overal, that said, l recommended this app.

By GregForest on Dec 18, 2018, UK

Great program but APP store has not seen an update in a while

4 star rating

Tag editor is pretty good however why hasn’t the app seen an update in the Apple store in a long time? If you go to the author’s website, you see an update but they want you to pay for an incremental update that only addresses unforseen issues in this current one. There are still quite a number of unresolved bugs that still plague it. For example, when I do a large number of files in a batch, when Tag Editor begins searching for the necessary metada for an mp3, I see it constantly reporting a “could not make request, retrying again” message. Is this a bug or an actual flaw in its ability to access the major discography network servers? Again, I love T.E. however still some issues that need fixing.

By Joe Villanova on Dec 14, 2018, USA

It is not free, but...

4 star rating

It is not free, even not after you take a subscription, but it wil take a subscrition of a monthly fee of just 2,49 euro's. so if you want to catalogue your content it ok to spend some money on it. Though i do not understand why it got slower after the first time. I have to alter 17000 songs and it will take now over 37 hours, which i am not willing to let my computer on for so long, but it is spyware, malware free and does do bulk, or mass alterations!!

By jeroen van arkel on Dec 12, 2018, Netherlands

Works Perfectly

5 star rating

This batch editor works beautifullay and intuitively! I quickly edited a bunch of MP3s I had created. Unlike other editors it allowed me to see the file name while I was editing the tags, which was hugely helpful.

By Eyeballer001 on Dec 06, 2018, USA

Works great!

5 star rating

Simpe to use and does exactly what you need (if what you need is adding info to the ID3 tags and album artwork). Thank you! -George

By George Mihaly on Nov 16, 2018, USA

At last a tag editor that works - realy well!!

5 star rating

Just sorts out your tags - no fuss. I have tried many apps like this one but this is the best and most accurate I have found. Thanks!!

By pbic on Oct 31, 2018, UK

Very good to edit flac as well!

5 star rating

I really like this app, it’s very user-friendly and from all tagging apps I tried before, this is the most fast and most logic one.

By Elliwj on Oct 21, 2018, Belgium

“Free” is a limited trial version really

4 star rating

The free version of this app should bed treated as a slightly limited trial. There are popups, and id isn’t over quick. I paid the ten pound annual subscription and am pleased to report that it is more than worth the tenner. Nice thing is that I can tag up my 20K plus tracks, then revert to free version for anything new I buy. A few niggles, it doesnt look for an existing album name, so I have to revert that column. It would be more user friendly if you could select the columns you want to convert (this is an early use review, so the functionality might be there and I haven’t spotted it)

By Gary_Carr on Oct 19, 2018, UK

Tag Editor

4 star rating

The program does exactly what it purports to do, and most users will find it easy to get the hang of. One irritant is that it will incessently bug you about a review until you finally write one, and that I can do without. Reminds me of a two-year old baderging one for attention.

By drdonjr on Oct 17, 2018, USA


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