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Absolutely the best tag editor available

5 star rating

This is the best tag editor available. I have tried a lot of them but have not found one that works as good as this one. Well worth every penny. It is easy to edit and control all data of the files. I really recommend this software.

By PKDE on Apr 21, 2019, Sweden

Almost Perfect, but . . . .

5 star rating

This is one of the best ID3 Tag Editing tools you can buy. It's simple to learn and quick & easy to work with. There is one small issue, it doesn't handle CD/Albums created on multiple Discs. It appears to store by Disc# - Track# in Tag Editing mode, but once saved you have a jumble of Track 01's then Track 2's. It's kind of hard to explain! I have emailed the developer, he replied the same day. I hope he fixes this, as it's only four stars right now. Still a great app.

By R¡DDO on Apr 14, 2019, UK

Je l’utilise tous les jours, ou presque ;-) I use it near every days !

5 star rating

Très utile et efficace quand on a beaucoup de documents à traiter (Very useful and effective for batch processing, find & replace, copy-paste on all a column, file renaming, and a lot of other things …) !!! Un souhait : la compatibilité avec AppleScript, pour augmenter les possibilités de batch processing ! A wish : compatibility with AppleScript, to increase possibilities of batch processing …

By ahrico on Apr 10, 2019, France


5 star rating

Mein Problem war das mpg3 Dateien nach dem übertragen von iTunes auf einen externen USB Stick teilweise keine Cover angezeigt haben. Dank Tag Editor einfach via Drag & Drop Cover hinzugefügt, "save" geklickt und die Dateien im mpg3 Ordner wurden stressfrei einfach korrigiert! Hallelujah und Danke !

By Lennys Apple on Mar 29, 2019, Germany

Super Tool

5 star rating

Der Tag Editor hat mir sehr geholfen, meine mehrere tausend mp3 Dateien in kurzer Zeit zu taggen. Mit iTunes hätte ich dafür Wochen gebraucht oder wäre schon vorher verzweifelt. Der Tag Editor kann mit einem Durchgang mehrere Ordner gleichzeitig mit hunderten von Musiktiteln öffnen. Die lassen sich dann im Batch-Betrieb bearbeiten und mit "Save" werden die bearbeiteten Dateien genau an die richtigen Stellen in die diversen Ursprungs-Ordner zurück sortiert. Dabei ist die Handhabung sehr übersichtlich und die App ist auch mit weit über 1000 gleichzeitig geöffneten Dateien nie abgestürzt. Ich bin sehr beeindruckt und mit dem Kauf sehr zufrieden.

By Zampanow on Mar 11, 2019, Germany

Tag Editor

4 star rating

Compared a few, wasted money on others. This vesion does a good job and is simple to use.. Having 30,000 mp3 files is very time consuming but I want to get it right

By ucdailoi on Mar 02, 2019, Australia


5 star rating

This tagger is simple, intuitive and effective, working in the way that you'd expect from a Mac OS application, something that many other apps fail to do. Highly recommended!

By raytw on Feb 26, 2019, UK

Does the job, lags behind the non-MAS version

4 star rating

Bought the 3 year old app here for "30% off, 24 hours only" on the promise that it'd be updated to match the app on the website. Promise kept, the "full" app works very well with audio fingerprinting, it gets about 90% right, then there's an easy copy-paste watusi of column data. Nice. Also works around Apple iTunes bugs, if you can't edit files in iTunes you will be able to with this App. This is coming from an ex-CoverScout user, this App does just as well without having to load your entire iTunes library to do its job. -1 star mostly for Apple, Developers should be able to push updates at the same time as their "outside the MAS" Apps. And }y]9M4

By Leo of BORG on Feb 25, 2019, USA

Quick and Easy

5 star rating

I use Tag Editor in conjunction with To Audio Converter to create FLAC files for the car. The combination is seamless and easy, and has served my needs in every respect.

By TikiBum09 on Feb 20, 2019, USA


5 star rating

Ottima, permette di gestire i tag dei files anche in maniera multipla. Non ho avuto problemi di compatibilit di iTunes. Soddisfattissimo!

By Jack Casta on Feb 20, 2019, Italy

So far so good!

5 star rating

Just downloaded this 10 minutes ago and figured it out quickly. Changed my personal recordings and added copyright info, artist, etc. 8 songs all done! Thanks for this app!

By ArtWindows on Feb 18, 2019, USA


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