Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #26


5 star rating
highly recommended!!!
By djc808 on Oct 05, 2015, USA

Klasse Software

5 star rating
Für schlappe 15 Euro Jahreslizenz spart man sich Arbeit ohne Ende. Für Leute,die sich aus der Abhängigkeit von iTunes befreien wollen ein unbedingtes Muss!!!!!! Ich besitze weit über tausend Alben im Flac-,bzw. Waveformat und kann jetzt Softwareplayer (Audirvana,VOX) einsetzen,welche sich an den Tag Daten meiner Konfiguration orientieren. Für mich DIE Software der letzten zwei Jahre.
By heiko146 on Oct 02, 2015, Germany


5 star rating
cumple con creces su cometido…gracias
By ditsiedijay on Oct 02, 2015, Argentina

Very nice ..

4 star rating
Good work .. it’s 64 bit, smooth, quick, and the job done. I put 4 stars for little inprovements.
By NikosAr on Sep 12, 2015, Greece

Spreadsheet format +++

5 star rating
The spreadsheet format worked great for me. I have a folder of 500 podcast episodes and this let me quickly, easily, visually make sure all the tags were homogenous.
By dangermouse43 on Sep 09, 2015, USA


5 star rating
I have been looking for an app like this for a long time. It’s exactly what I needed. Thank You!
By GameWeeny on Aug 25, 2015, USA

Fairly complete feature set

4 star rating
Easy to use. Offers nice editing features. I used an editor which was available a afew years ago, and which allowed the user to write an editing script in a real-basic type language, which included regular expression find and replace. It is not supported on Macs with the intel processor, so it is history. I still haven’t found anything even close to its capabilities. Tag Editor does enough to keep me happy, but I’d love to see them add the scripting and regular expression support.
By My newest account on Aug 23, 2015, USA

Love it. Works as advertised.

5 star rating
Just purchased. Out of the box this works as advertised, saving me hours of work. I just have to figure out how to fix those invalid tag errors. Since Apple is dictating your every move these days (Thou shall not edit information!), this app is well worth the cost. :)
By playasdelCaribe on Aug 17, 2015, USA


5 star rating
Fügt bilder vom Cover ein die den selben Dateinamen haben wie die Musik Datei.
By gag1797 on Aug 16, 2015, Germany

How great it is !

4 star rating
I used to use so many applications for MP3 tag editor but no one of them can edit, change or replace text in the same columm at the same time. For an example: The coluumm “Artist” 100 lines can be replaced the name of the artist in a second. that’s great ! I try to find an app like this in Windows, but I haven’t seen it. Again I love this app !
By HotFrost on Aug 13, 2015, Thailand


5 star rating
Reminds me of excel in all the right ways. So good for cleaning up bulk music files with the correct tags and art. As a musician I’d say it’s worth the $20 if you need to update tages much at all.
By TYRmusic on Aug 10, 2015, USA