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It is worth the investment

5 star rating

I am a Dj, I was cleaning up all of my music, trying to organize it and was missing artwork, inconcistent names, etc., I was thinking on doing 1 by 1, but it would take for ever, I was looking at a Free app, a $2.99 app and a $5.99 one, then I ran in to this one and there is no doubt! very easy, reliable, and fast to use, just don’t do too many songs at once “hundreds” I usually do 50 at once and it takes it but 3 minutes, It get art work, album info, and it also saves and renames the original file!, most of them just added info to the file, but wouldn’t rename it, this one does it all, Don’t think about it, I highly recommend it, specially if you have a lot of music…GREAT APP!

By C2 expressions on Mar 22, 2015, USA

Works Good Very pleased

5 star rating

I wasted a lot of money trying to find some thing to fix my music. I have tried- music tag don’t work music tag editor don’t work tidymymusic dont work so far i have found 2 that work for me them are this one tag editor works great with doing folders very pleased with this app worth the money and Recogizer will do one file at a time and works great finally found an app that works Thank you for Tag Editor and Recogizer…….

By PopsTexas on Mar 17, 2015, USA

Exactly what I needed

5 star rating

I had a lot of audio files from lectures organized into folders with author and title information in the folder and filenames. I tried to upload them to Amazon Music but they didn’t have any metadata. That’s why I bought this app. it automatically converted all the information into mp3 metadata. The spreadsheet interface made it fast and easy for me to adjust the artist and album names all at once. Very fast and clear and useful.

By RJS in Chicago on Mar 15, 2015, USA


4 star rating

ハイレゾ音源はアルファベット名、カタカナ名が混在しているため、ダウンロードしたままではライブラリが無秩序になる。そこでタグを編集できるアプリが必要になる。 ところが、Winに比べMacではハイレゾ音源のタグを編集できるアプリが極端に少ない。 より高価なものもあるが、本アプリは必要十分な編集ができる。フォルダー毎に編集できるのも良い。 今後の課題は、 1)動作の安定性の向上 2)操作性の向上(現状ではデータをまとめたままで編集ができない) より良いアプリに成長することを׍4

By keny1948 on Feb 14, 2015, Japan

Schnell, leistungsfähig und stabil

5 star rating

Das Programm ist für die Massenbearbeitung von MP3-Dateien hervorragend geeignet. Es ist nicht ganz billig, ist aber meines Erachtens jeden Cent des Verkaufspreises wert. Bis jetzt habe ich noch keine Funktion vermisst.

By Thomas Holte on Jan 06, 2015, Germany

Exactly what I was looking for

5 star rating

As I was setting up a website to post several years worth of recording clips I’d made, I needed a tool to rapidly change the metadata on hundreds of MP3s. This program was exactly what I needed. With it’s spreadsheet-style layout and it’s copy-paste features, it’s very easy to apply the same metadata across hundreds of files in a flash. Very simple, very easy to use, I was adjusting my MP3 files in seconds.

By Wolfstone16 on Jan 03, 2015, USA


4 star rating

エクセル風のインターフェイスで一度にたくさんのタグを変更できて便利です。 機能としてはWindowsのSuperTagEditorに近いですが、こちらは画像埋め込みにも対応しています。 Macで使えるタグエディタを色々試してこれにたどり着きました。 これにファイル名やTrackIDの連番付加機能があれば完璧なのですが、それは今後に期待します。

By missylegacy on Dec 06, 2014, Japan

Really great, works perfect !

5 star rating

Stosunkowo prosty i przejrzysty program, który znakomicie spełnia swoją funkcję. Pozwala edytować nie tylko TAGi jednego pliku ale umożliwia porządkowanie całych albumów i bibliotek. Bardzo przemyślana budowa, klarowny podgląd listy… dla mnie po prostu super. Autor jest otwarty na sugestie, rozwija program w bardzo dobrym kierunku. Relatively simple and transparent program that perfectly fulfills its function. Allows you to edit not only the TAG of one file but allows you to organize entire albums and libraries. Very sophisticated design, a clear list view ... for me just great. The author is open to suggestions, developing a program in the right direction.

By Shadoczek on Oct 10, 2014, Poland

Works as expected.

5 star rating

Excellent interface. Great utilities. Only complaint is I wish there was an option to fill in the track numbers in a series automatically. Amazing otherwise!

By Berzurk5512 on Oct 07, 2014, USA

Did exactly what I needed

5 star rating

I like this style of application—no frills, just does exactly what you need it to without complaining or errors. It’s powerful and quick, and it doesn’t have more features packed in than it needs to. Highly recommended.

By Proxied on Sep 25, 2014, USA

Worked for what I needed

5 star rating

I had a bunch of songs that had all lowercast information in the tags(song titles, artist, album). I wanted them to all be cuppercase and this application make that super simple. I didn’t have to load individual tracks either. Just gave it a top level directory that had a sub directory for each album and boom, it loaded them all up. Then it was 2 clicks to pick my action. Then it lets you see a preview before you save the changes.

By Daytonlowell on Sep 22, 2014, USA


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