Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #24


5 star rating
Prtico, rpido e muito fcil de usar. Vale a pena pagar pela verso completa.
By Design Erico on Nov 16, 2016, Brazil

Works Nicely.

5 star rating
I bought this product (in spite of some negative reviews) to go along with the “To Flac” converter -which I really like a lot. It’s like $20 for the Tag Editor. It works very well for changing names and album art. Sometimes when I copy a CD into my digital library the names are just WRONG. Makes no sense. I think it’s a 5 star product and complements the FLAC product nicely as after you convert a CD it pops up the tag editor for review and changes as necessary. Highly recommended !
By Avoiding reality. on Oct 18, 2016, USA

tag mp3

5 star rating
il miglior tag id3 editor!
By Dj art macchiavelli on Oct 16, 2016, Italy


5 star rating
Veloce, semplice e stabile. Permette di dl lavorare con archivi molto grandi, oltre i 500 cd, senza incertezze.
By marcomascherpa on Sep 23, 2016, Italy

Great piece of software, needs update though

4 star rating
Nice piece of software that has a great layout, and works really intuitive. I would like to be able to edit the metadata in .dsf files aswell though, considering the increasing popularity of DSD audio I reckon it would be a valuable adition to this otherwise awesome app.
By Anthrow on Sep 16, 2016, Netherlands

Simple & Rapide

4 star rating
Utilisation en tant que DJ et amateur de musique en tout genre. Logiciel simple & rapide. Pour les bémols : - colonne "label / éditeur" absente. - le network tagging est long et ne fonctionne bien que sur du commercial ou très connu, les infos récuperées sont limitées.
By Lou Disse on Aug 27, 2016, France

not free

4 star rating
although it says that the application is free, it is not, every 10 seconds you get a message that you have to pay. it is a good application but not free
By Van den hoed on Aug 27, 2016, Netherlands

Robust and fast

4 star rating
The spreadsheet model works well. The app is fast and makes changes reliably. The find and replace and spreadsheet-like column edits are nice. I would like to see the controls even more spreadsheet-like though, with 'copy down' and automatic saving of a change when you hit an arrow button to leave a cell (like Excel does). Recommend it.
By Freezel on Aug 04, 2016, Netherlands

Bardzo przydatna

5 star rating
Bardzo fajny programik do utrzymywania porządku w plikach muzycznych.Prosty w obsłudze i pozwalajacy uporządkować muzykę przed wrzuceniem w iTuns.Polecam
By 1superbohater on Jul 25, 2016, Poland

Absolutely perfect for my purposes!

5 star rating
I needed an app to get rid of the tags from multiple files so that I could control the names given to files added to the iTunes library. While I was at it, I wanted to make the artist and album names consistent for all files and delete tags that I don’t use. This app is absolutely perfect for my purposes!
By Jimbo724 on Jul 12, 2016, USA

Works as expected, easy to sue with a good UI, Solid Performer

5 star rating
Not much more to add to the title. A great comprehensive utility that works on single fiels or in batch mode with a selection. Perfect for fixing up those streamed ausdio files with incorrect tags (yeah I'm calling you out Spotify).
By danilushka on Jun 26, 2016, USA