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5 star rating

I'm a teacher now working remotely. I needed something quick and easy to help me convert audio files for my English Learners. I literally just downloaded this app, clicked on the files I needed to convert and BOOM...they were converted. Easy and simple!

By R_of_Sunshine on May 03, 2020, USA


5 star rating

Simple, powerful, fast. Much beter than others I've tried. An example to other app writers about keeping things simple and powerul so we can be more productive. Happy to buy it when my free trial runs out.

By Bubblexxx on May 03, 2020, UK

Hard to understand with no instructions, but was able to figure it out.

4 star rating

Trial and error with this program. Could stand improvements. It did convert my WMA files to MP3s so I could get them into iTunes. Could use more instructions on that part really bad. Overall for 7 dollars for a year, OK...........Dean

By KG5POA on May 03, 2020, USA

Wekt prima

4 star rating

Werk prima maar na een tijdje kan je alleen maar file voor file converteren tenzij je iedere maand bijna 5 euro wilt betalen. Ik ben bereidt om te betalen maar dit is een beetje te gortig, het is nu niet een programma die je dagelijks gebruikt

By Performer57 on Apr 27, 2020, Netherlands

Einfach, perfekt, toller Support!

5 star rating

Ich wollte eine FLAC Bibliothek als Mirror für das Auto in MP3 wandeln, un d das auch über die Zeit weiter updaten. To MP3 Converter macht das nicht nur gut und schnell, sondern auch effizient: Bestehende Dateien werden übersprungen, die Struktur wird 1:1 repliziert, alle Tags werden sauber übertragen. Der Support antwortet schnell und kompetent, ein kleines Issue wurde binnen 2 Tagen behoben!

By FrankKoehntopp on Apr 21, 2020, Germany

Ok for occasional use

4 star rating

The drag and drop is simple and effective. It's a great app until you want to do batch work, or use any advanced functions like trimming the silence at the beginning and the end. Yes it'll probably do it flawlessly, but with a monthly subscription. Since we can't buy once, I'm giving it 4 stars, and I'll go back to the other free app I was using for batch work.

By DJ Fuze on Apr 16, 2020, Canada

Simply works.

5 star rating

I used this app to convert video conference calls into MP3 files so I can enter them into my auto-transcription program. For that, it works quickly and flawlessly.

By BuckyGoldsteinWrites on Mar 30, 2020, USA

nice software.

5 star rating

Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to crate this Free software for AppleMac, it seems to work fine. if I need to use this software a lot I will pay for the full version. In the meantime a big thank- you for your very usefull software. oh yes I'm still working out how to use all the feature on my little Sony recorder I entend to use this software with.

By semtech. on Mar 26, 2020, UK

Better than Smart Converter

4 star rating

Better because you can load more than one at a time. Could be better by loading "folder at a time" for bulk conversion. Needs to add some "old" formats like .ram and others. Destination folder can be set but unable to reset after start. No "pause" feature. But - it is free?

By Furious Furd on Mar 22, 2020, USA

Positively surprised!

5 star rating

You will be pleasantly surprised by its user-friendly interface and features. I've used lots of different audio converters, but this one is by far the best!

By Rekhn20 on Mar 07, 2020, Sweden

Worth the money

5 star rating

Ever since Apple stopped supporting the little bit programs, I've been avoiding the acquisition of music. I caved and here we are. This program is fast, easy, and works very well. Thanks so much, folks. Bought myself the lifetime thingy thing and it's worth it.

By Lindsayluvs on Feb 17, 2020, Canada