Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter

So gut und einfach!

5 star rating
Alles klar und verständlich und dazu noch schnell! I love it!
By chessers79 on May 04, 2021, Germany


5 star rating
So einfach muss das Konvertieren gehen! Cover kann dabei sogar aus dem gleichen Ordner in die Dateien eingebunden werden. ID3 Tags gibt es für ein Abo. Top!
By helmklopfen on May 03, 2021, Germany

Brilliant little App

5 star rating
I just use it for converting FLAC to mp3 and it just ghets on with it, easy interface, brilliant. Love it.
By mentalelf59 on May 02, 2021, UK

Super Programm

5 star rating
Sehr schnelles und zuverlässiges Programm, sehr einfach zu bedienen ohne sich einarbeiten zu müssen. Bin sehr zufrieden.
By gsamazone on May 01, 2021, Germany

Great app with an annoying feature

4 star rating
I use this app almsot every day. Just one complaint. When it's cnverted the files, the icon jumps up and down until you navigate to it. Infuriating.
By Damian Thompson on Apr 29, 2021, UK

Easy and good

5 star rating
Glad to have discovered this app. Quite easy to get and to make the conversions. A little confusing in terms of saving the converted files but once I figured that out, it was fast and efficient. A good tool to have in my toolbox.
By mekusal on Apr 26, 2021, USA

Easy, finally

4 star rating
It was puzzling at first, but eventually I caught on to how it worked and it has been smooth ever since.
By KJC030 on Apr 25, 2021, Canada

Like it verymuch

5 star rating
This very usefull converter although I have the free one. Thanks
By Ikahendrajaya on Apr 24, 2021, Indonesia

Simple rapide et diablement efficace

5 star rating
Facile à configurer, intuituf et qualitatif, je ne trouve rien à redire à ce logiciel de conversion MP3. Juste parfait !
By CLG7695 on Apr 20, 2021, France


5 star rating
$9 for 1 year and it does exactly what I need and hs worked flawlessly so far with FLAC and APE conversions of classical to MP3 for Apple use. I tried other free players and most did not even run or install using late 2012 iMac 27# with OS Catalina 10.15.7
By MIKKI 'n KIKKI on Apr 20, 2021, Canada

Good app

4 star rating
This app works perfectly. Graphic design could be cooler, that's why 4/5.
By kettukolmonen on Apr 18, 2021, Finland