Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter

Very easy to use and great

5 star rating
I use this all the time to convert large numbers of AIFF files to mp3 so I can send them by e-mail. Very easy to use and does the job perfectly.
By Janandersonuk on Feb 17, 2021, UK

IJW - It Just Works

5 star rating
Installed it, set preferences and started converting wma files to mp3. Simple, effective. IJW applies to this app!
By Gene.OKC on Feb 17, 2021, USA

An Excellent App

5 star rating
A very useful, efficient and straight-forward app to use. Open the app, click on settings and choose which mp3 bit rate you want to convert to. Just drag and drop the original file onto MP3 Converter Free, up pops a little box showing the progress of the conversion, then the converted mp3 pops up onto the desktop (if that's your chosen destination for the conversion). Highly Recommended!
By PiperMantra on Feb 15, 2021, UK

Great app, easy to use

5 star rating
I recommend this app. It's the easiest way to convert WMA files to MP3. Thank you to the app creator for being brilliant enough to create an app that everyone can use. Have a great day!
By Daughter of the Most High God on Feb 14, 2021, USA

good apps

5 star rating
user friendly, good job, thanks
By csfhk1 on Feb 14, 2021, Hong Kong


5 star rating
Works very well, fulfills its claims
By Genuani on Feb 13, 2021, Colombia


5 star rating
Simple and reliable. That's all I wanted considering the unfunctional web-based converters.
By Antoni Stachowiak on Feb 11, 2021, Poland

Easy to use, works great

5 star rating
Fast conversion, easy to use, intuitive.
By tim_k51 on Feb 10, 2021, USA

VERY helpful, but not perfect

4 star rating
I have a collection of .aif files that need converting to mp3. This app does that, beautifully. It is “free,” that is, until you exceed some limit of files and the app notifies you that for Batch conversion, you need to upgrade with a license for $3.99/month. It’s worth every penny of that for me, so I happily clicked the ‘upgrade’ link (and made a mental note to cancel the subscription next month…) My one complaint is the functionality of the “Send to iTunes” button after conversion is finished. This asks you which Playlist you want to send the files to. I don’t want any of my playlists involved, just want to import the album(s) into iTunes. Fortunately the workaround is pretty easy, so it’s not a show stopper.
By pdx_funkjunkie on Feb 08, 2021, USA

Simply good!!! :)

5 star rating
Schlankes Tool, leicht zu bedienen und tut, was es soll – für meine Bedürfnisse perfekt! Vielen Dank!
By SportFried on Feb 07, 2021, Germany


5 star rating
Love that it deletes my old files!
By Raynaldo Martine on Feb 02, 2021, USA