Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter

Whatever they want!

5 star rating
I promised myself that if they ever charged me for this app, I would pay whatever they asked. I got the life membership. Worth every penny! Wma files having been stored on my apple laptop for far too long were converted in a flash. End of story!
By Pan flow on Apr 20, 2019, USA

Easiest One ever!

5 star rating
I’ve tried 3 free FLAC to MP3 Converters, used to put FLAC content into MP3 form so I can add to iTunes and into one of 3 iPods. As we all know iTunes is an imperfect software but this app works the best of them all. Its very fast to convert and a one-click transfer to iTunes is built in- it goes under its own app name for easy ID and with a simple double-click that file can be renamed, typically to the artist by name and date. My search for the right one just ended, I am deleting the other two from my Applications and moving on to other issues. You should do trhe same with confidence.
By HintsFromHomie on Apr 19, 2019, USA

hızlı ve kullanışlı

5 star rating
gayet hızlı ve kullanıışlı bir program
By Atlasaxis3 on Apr 19, 2019, Turkey


5 star rating
simple, easy to use, no bugs
By danny tiger chan on Apr 18, 2019, Hong Kong


4 star rating
Aplikasi mini yang super simple dalam penggunaanya.
By AldiOrama on Apr 18, 2019, Indonesia

sehr gut

5 star rating
Die App konvertiert die Daten sehr schnell in mp3 und ist auch einfach zu bedienen.
By Football 1067 on Apr 16, 2019, Germany


5 star rating
Easy, stupid proof, fast, sounds great. For someone who struggles and gets frustarted with tech this really made my life easy!
By Long beach yoga on Apr 16, 2019, USA


5 star rating
Intuitive UI. Works very quickly to convert files. Perfect.
By Dai Late on Apr 13, 2019, UK

Funktioniniert so wie es soll

5 star rating
Die App macht genau was sie soll. Einfach Top!
By luis-._ on Apr 13, 2019, Germany

Drag Drop READY

5 star rating
Yes, perfect.. just drag/drop any format and convert it to 320kb... no issue's found. 1.5GB of audio converted in 2 minutes. All tags and art was copied.
By MrOffbeat on Apr 12, 2019, Netherlands

Does What It Says On The Can

5 star rating
Just works - what more could you want?
By Medwaay on Apr 10, 2019, UK