Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter

Amazing app

5 star rating

I love this app, thank you

By Mõñyrãth on May 12, 2024, Korea, Republic Of

SO quick So efficient

5 star rating

You can batch convert which is a big deal. You can even select a folder and convert the entire thing. Very easy to use and straight forward.

By arash.j on May 07, 2024, Canada

Works Really Well

5 star rating

Seems to work pretty good converting wma to mp3.

By Butchmeister1 on May 06, 2024, USA


5 star rating


By 越前添天 on May 05, 2024, China

Шикарное приложение!

5 star rating

Конвертирует целыми папками, а если в папках есть папки, то все остается также рассортировано!

By Alina_Azanova on May 03, 2024, Russia

Batch Convert ? NO PROBLEM !

5 star rating

I need really very quickly some program for smooth fast undistrurbed converting a lot of files from various videos to mp3 to make an audio selection to the car, looked minute in store, this was like 3rd or 4th attempt for batch converting program and it is the best one !!!! totally idiotproof, no ads, batch works as charm, Recommend 100% , thank you so much mr.Developer !!!!

By Fox-CZ on May 02, 2024, Czech Republic

Fast, Accurate & Painless

5 star rating

I have a lot of FLAC files and over the years have realized that high quality MP3s sound exactly the same. This convenient app converts FLAC to MP3 quickly and updates the tags at the same time.

By RuehleFamilyCalif on Apr 16, 2024, USA

Just what i needed

5 star rating

It converted my *.wma files fast and with no learning curve. I also had some songs that were *.ogg format from linux which neither Mac nor Windows can read at least not without trying to find some special piece of software. And since my technical skills are below that of a "script kiddie", this tool is really useful. it also has some more technical stuff you can dive into, but yeah "script kiddie", So thanks to the authors!

By ip-ag1837 on Mar 07, 2024, USA

Works well but needs some TLC

5 star rating

Simple, clean user interface and well conversion from FLAC to MP3 and fetching meta data correctly. Just be sure to use it on a set of FLAC files only and not on a set that also includes a CUE file, because then the app shifts a track and messes up meta data for all subsequenty converted tracks

By NitroNL on Jan 31, 2024, Netherlands


5 star rating

Had to use this app to help me do school work. They require you to use a Windows laptop specifically because they are sending things like MP3 files and things like that...but THIS app is proving my school don't need a Windows just to download an MP3.

By MaggieAlwaysLovesDami on Jan 06, 2024, USA

MP3 Converter

5 star rating

Having recorded church organ music on an I phone if m4a format I needed to convert 600 files to MP3 to play on a music system This was so easy particularly when I realised I culd batch convert. Excellent easy to use tool

By All Saints Sedgley on Dec 09, 2023, UK