The "Tags Preferences" tab has options related to management of tags, such as transferring tags from source files, loading missing tags from network services and integration with Tag Editor.

Tags Preferences
Tags Preferences

Transfer Tags from source files 

Check this option to enable transferring tags from source files to destination files. Uncheck this option if tags of source files should be completely ignored.

When the source file has no metadata and artworks, this option will have no effect. For example, CD files don't have such information. It is safe to leave this option 'on' always.

Load missing tags and artworks from local paths

Check this option to enable loading of missing tags from files and folders names of source audio files. The application will parse the file and folder names of source files, and extract tags, such as Title, Artist, Album, Album Artist, Year and Track Number.

When this option is on, the artwork may also be picked up from the source folder, if artwork exists and rights for directory were provided to the application. 

When ripping CD, this option is not recommended, as paths of CD files usually don't carry right information.

Load missing tags and artworks from network 

Check this option to enable loading of missing tags from network services, such as MusicBrainz, CoverArt, and AcoustID. This option may delay the conversion, as interaction with web services might require in some cases a significant time. If you are converting a huge library in one session, this option should be probably unchecked.

This option is recommended when ripping CDs or converting files having no tags. 

Launch Tag Editor after conversion

Check this option to launch Tag Editor with converted files automatically after conversion.

With Tag Editor you can clean up tags, rename converted files and make your playlists completely flawless.