Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter - Page #37

Simple but effective

5 star rating

This is a very simple but efficient way to change most any audio format to an mp3. As simple as drag and drop. It has become my go to way to convert audio files.

By 4thbornnic on Jul 28, 2015, USA

Pretty good for a simple converter

5 star rating

I didn’t expect any huge amazing features. It’s good for a free little converter and much more convenient than importing to iTunes and creating an MP3 version.

By Intcreator on Jul 13, 2015, USA

Schnell und einfach zu bedienen. Und Topp Support!!!!!

5 star rating

Das Programm ist einfach und schnell zu bedienen. Jetzt ist auch wieder der Support für die ältere ID3-Tag Unterstützung (ID3v1) dabei. Somit kann man wieder die umgewandelten MP3 Songs im Audi MMI 3G von 2011 auf der internen Festplatte mit den Song-Titeln anzeigen. Die vorherige Version hatte durch den Verzicht auf die ältere ID3-Tag Unterstützung (ID3v1) bei der MP3 Umwandlung auch die Anzeige der Song-Titel verhindert. (In der Vor-Vor-Version gings noch… :-)). Nach Erkennen des Problems bekam ich vom Entwickler eine Vorversion mit der hier beschriebenen Lösung. Topp Support!!!

By AirCalc on Jul 09, 2015, Germany

Bisher alles top!

4 star rating

Macht das was ich mir davon versprochen habe. Rippt alle Formate einwandfrei in gutes altes *.mp3. Auch die itunes Files … ;) Die Geschwindigkeit könnte besser sein, deshalb nur 4 Stars!

By schirki on Jun 29, 2015, Germany

Does what it says on the tin

5 star rating

I only use this for basic conversion of WMA files to MP3 so I can play/listen/transcribe voice recordings on my apple mac. Easy to download, works fast, does exactly what its meant to. Does not crash my computer. Excellent

By HarlowHound on Jun 27, 2015, UK

Minimalistisch gut

4 star rating

Das Tool funktioniert echt super! Es mag vielleicht nicht das schnellste sein, dafür funktioniert es genau so wie ich es benötoge. Ordner nehmen, rein ins Fenster und feuer frei!

By CreativeBB on Jun 18, 2015, Germany

Dead simple

5 star rating

Downloaded without any issues. Has worked dependably and without fuss since. Very simple to use. Does everything you want of it at a totally reasonable price. Thanks to the developer!

By Kidwoofwoof on Jun 09, 2015, UK

Great Product Easy to Understand

5 star rating

Nothing bogus here! Straight forward and easy to use. Worth the few bucks. Great settings options as well. So far mainly using it to convert WAV files to mp3s

By TheTrevinator on May 21, 2015, USA

Sehr gut funktionierendes Tool. Leider etwas zu teuer.

5 star rating

Das Tool arbeitet schnell und zuverlässig. Leider ist kein Tag Editor enthalten. Da der passende aber 19,99 Euro kosten soll und das MP3-Tool auch bereits mit 2,99 Euro zu Buche schlägt, halte ich den Preis für zu hoch.

By HermiRei on Apr 03, 2015, Germany

Been Working With Sound Since 1992

5 star rating

It does EXACTLY what it’s supposed to do. If you overstand how sound works, then you would know how “Normalization” works to CONVERT an audio file. It’s for taking an ORIGINAL MASTER RECORDING/FINISHED PRODUCT (you can use this for something you mixed yourself if it’s mixed properly) and then converting it into an MP3; simple as that. There are apps out there that are intended to sort of help with MASTERING and then NORMALIZING your MIX however, if you have a song that is mixed INCORRECTLY and then dump it down to MP3, this app is going to do what it was made to do, NORMALIZE IT FOR THE BEST MP3 SOUND which may pull your INCORRECTLY MIXED MATERIAL all over the place and give a faulty unpleasant result; it’s not for that. Most apps work exactly the same but this is fast, quick and easy. I’m not associated with the makers of this app in any kind of way and I have both the "To MP3 Converter" and the "To WAV Converter." Both apps are excellent!!! GOOD JOB!!! PEACE!!! PS~ Check out my sounds and mixes LIVE T-Th 8pm/CST

By Dj Abesamp on Mar 31, 2015, USA

Converts FLAC to MP3 quickly and easily

5 star rating

This is a simple program for a simple task. I simply drag the folder of files into the window and it starts working. Works fast (this will depend on your system, if you have a older CPU dont expect miracles, I have a Xeon 6 core so for me it’s very fast) and works without error. Couldn’t ask for more.

By Kik Dixon on Mar 20, 2015, USA