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Aplicacion sencilla y práctica

5 star rating

Aparte de convertir a mp3 tiene algunas herramientas básicas pero muy útiles: Cambio de calidad, ajuste de volumen, “fade in” y “fade out”, eliminación de silencio inicial, elegir cuánto tiempo convertir, transferencia de etiquetas mp3…

By Jaovallea on Nov 23, 2019, Colombia

Easy peasy

5 star rating

I had ripped my entire CD collection to my PC using Windows Media then backed up to an external drive. When my PC died I decided to get a Mac but found I couldn't just drag and drop all my music to iTunes so I bought this app. It's super easy and fast!

By tresel diesel on Nov 20, 2019, USA

Easy to use and quick

5 star rating

Love this App. So easy to use it really is childsplay. I have an iMac and it works quickly with out loads of steps and complications. Highly recommended

By Laurie 1954 on Nov 20, 2019, UK

très bon logiciel

4 star rating

j’aurais mis 5 étoiles si il y avait eu le Français et l’Espagnol Installation facile intuitif même en Anglais toutes mes conversions ont été faciles. C’est vrai que si on comprend l’Anglais c’est plus facile

By Titi.test on Nov 06, 2019, France

A OPUS file

5 star rating

I received an OPUS file today from one of my bandmates that needed to be converted to mp3, in order to send to all the memebers of the band for a future recording session.So I used mp3. Converter free. It worked like a charm so now I can send this mp3 to the band, right now. Thank you.

By star-guitarz on Sep 30, 2019, USA


5 star rating

smooth and easy just like its described - works without a hitch - i would like to use it on various formats to give a more indepth review but so far it works great whenever i have used it - its awesome

By DaneL99 on Sep 29, 2019, USA

Проиложение - просто чудо!

5 star rating

Никакой навязчивой рекламы, и пока совершенно безплатное! Когда устанавливал, думал - очередной обман: конвертнёт один файл и будет требовать обновления и денег, но я ошибся! Это был как раз тот случай, когда ты рад своей ошибке: уже конвертнул 10 файлов и пока никакого намёка на оплату! Всё по-честному! Но за такую прогу можно и заплатить!

By Пётр Филимонов on Sep 27, 2019, Ukraine


5 star rating

Most of the time app don't really good as they claim. This app works amazingly as it converts and makes sure all your metadata is in the right place. Great product! Thanks, Ramin

By Ramin Mehrabani on Sep 23, 2019, USA

Easy to us -does what I need

5 star rating

I received a WMA file I could not open from my boss. I remember he told me he converts them to MP3s. After searching online as to what I needed to convert the file I found this app. It's great, easy to use and really does what it's suppose to do eliminating time I can't afford to waste and I can do my work. It's not complicated at all. I get my work done without the hassel. I recommend it!

By Wailupi on Sep 16, 2019, USA

Simple, efectivo y estable

5 star rating

Con esta aplicación ahora me ahorro mucho tiempo de estar convirtiendo todo de manera manual. La operación es simple, la interfaz limpia y clara y el producto final es lo esperado. ¡5 estrellas!

By Ludópata feliz :D on Aug 23, 2019, Mexico


5 star rating

So I have not had a lot of time to work with this app, but right off the bat it does some amazing things very intuitively. I purchased the full product and it was worth every penny, even though I may not use it a lot. I highly recommend this app if you need to convert to mp3 and the drag and drop functionality is, amazing!

By itsmyguitar on Aug 19, 2019, USA