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Easy and fast

5 star rating

I am so thankful I tried this app - it took about 30 seconds to convert a WMA to and MP3. I had been searching for a downloadable version of a relaxation cassette tape I had 20 years ago, finally found it and was so excited to listen! However, when I tried to play it on my iPhone it didn't work. I was so upset! I then learned that the file was WMA format, and since I have zero tech skills I had to look up what WMA is. Long story short, I tried few different apps and immediately deleted them. This was an absolute breeze to use!! Thank you!

By DeeeetheBeeeee on Jan 21, 2020, USA

Just 1 step to get finally the ultimate product

5 star rating

After 1,5 hour digging in th Ardour 5 to convert my WAV audio, I gave up. Looking for a great app to convert it….. Bowwww TOP MP3 CONVERTER FREE got the job down so quick as a flash I highly recommend it. Congratulation support !!!!

By marburgfranz on Dec 29, 2019, Luxembourg

Clive Walters

5 star rating

I needed to find a conversion from wav. Checking the App store, your product seemed to fit the bill. The app anticipates everything I needed, intuitively. First rate. Thank you.

By Crowcall! on Dec 09, 2019, UK

muy buena

5 star rating

aunque no tiene muchas opciones pense que quitari calidad de audio peroes capaz de convertir a mp3 a 320 kbps y a 48000hz, solo tienes que activar high uality. recomendado

By AlexLLM19 on Nov 26, 2019, Peru

Aplicacion sencilla y práctica

5 star rating

Aparte de convertir a mp3 tiene algunas herramientas básicas pero muy útiles: Cambio de calidad, ajuste de volumen, “fade in” y “fade out”, eliminación de silencio inicial, elegir cuánto tiempo convertir, transferencia de etiquetas mp3…

By Jaovallea on Nov 23, 2019, Colombia

Easy peasy

5 star rating

I had ripped my entire CD collection to my PC using Windows Media then backed up to an external drive. When my PC died I decided to get a Mac but found I couldn't just drag and drop all my music to iTunes so I bought this app. It's super easy and fast!

By tresel diesel on Nov 20, 2019, USA

Easy to use and quick

5 star rating

Love this App. So easy to use it really is childsplay. I have an iMac and it works quickly with out loads of steps and complications. Highly recommended

By Laurie 1954 on Nov 20, 2019, UK

très bon logiciel

4 star rating

j’aurais mis 5 étoiles si il y avait eu le Français et l’Espagnol Installation facile intuitif même en Anglais toutes mes conversions ont été faciles. C’est vrai que si on comprend l’Anglais c’est plus facile

By Titi.test on Nov 06, 2019, France

아주 좋습니다

5 star rating

Sound Convertor 쓰고 있었는데 카탈리나 업데이트 이후 무슨 이유에선지 변환이 완료가 안되어서... 쓰게 됐는데 간편하고 좋네요.

By dessinerk on Oct 23, 2019, Korea, Republic Of

A OPUS file

5 star rating

I received an OPUS file today from one of my bandmates that needed to be converted to mp3, in order to send to all the memebers of the band for a future recording session.So I used mp3. Converter free. It worked like a charm so now I can send this mp3 to the band, right now. Thank you.

By star-guitarz on Sep 30, 2019, USA


5 star rating

smooth and easy just like its described - works without a hitch - i would like to use it on various formats to give a more indepth review but so far it works great whenever i have used it - its awesome

By DaneL99 on Sep 29, 2019, USA