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5 star rating
Woran Quicktime scheitert (mp4 zu mp3) macht diese kleine App perfekt. Danke!
By Harald HHW Schmidt on Dec 18, 2020, Germany

Flac to mp3 !

5 star rating
Does the job very good! I love the new album Evermore by Taylor
By jimmycccccen on Dec 15, 2020, USA

It Works

5 star rating
Simple, easy to us and it works --fast! Couldn't be more positive about this one.
By Orchaholic on Dec 14, 2020, USA

Amazingly Fast!

5 star rating
I have Mac and an old PC. For some reason years ago i downloaded all my CDs on the PC and gave away the Cds. All my music was in WMA format, and I thought there was no easy way to convert my old music to my MAC. O my gosh, i down loaded To MP3 Converter and within an hour i had located and converted several albums. I even subscribed for a year because I think this app is so worth it! (I never buy apps). Believe me when i say I searched and tried so many other converter apps but nothing comes close to the ease of using this app.
By Gramcoop on Dec 14, 2020, USA

just works

5 star rating
Exactly what I needed after moving from Windows to a MAC only to find WMA files innaccessible. It seems to repair tags as well, so Itunes just picks up album details and covers seemlessly.
By R66 Dreamer on Dec 14, 2020, UK

Easy and works great

5 star rating
Very quick conversion. Had a lot of older files including some by a musician friend who is now dead, so this way priceless being able to hear his music again.
By Dance4Peace on Dec 07, 2020, Canada

This was very helpful

5 star rating
Thanks so much, I was having trouble with converting m4a files to MP3 and this App really makde it easy and it was very helpful..
By Elsio E on Dec 07, 2020, USA


5 star rating
very simple, u saved me, thanks!
By sunnyvinyl on Dec 03, 2020, Slovenia

This is Great!!!!

5 star rating
I needed something to convert my old WMAs to MP3. This works seamlessly and is absolutely easy to use. I bought the subscription for the abiility to batch convert files/albums. Worth every penny! Thank you!!
By TerryTerryBoBerry on Dec 01, 2020, Canada

Simple And Easy

5 star rating
Does what it says it does, what more can you ask for, simple as 1 2 3.
By Gargoyle Royal on Nov 22, 2020, Australia

To MP3 Convertyer Free

5 star rating
I only had 8 mp4 to convert to mp3. So this was a perfect solution. So easy to use. Many thankds
By lagomnow on Nov 20, 2020, UK