Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter - Page #5

Well worth the expense!

5 star rating

I just converted 262 files at once. A whole batch of .m4A apple songs to .mp3 and it was effortless and pretty quick. Thank you! Please don't change it.. its perfect as it is.

By ali-song on Aug 02, 2021, Canada

No frills... Top!

5 star rating

Es ist gar nicht so einfach einen MP3 Converter zu finden, der tatsächlich das tut was er soll ohne auf dubiose Werbeseite zu verlinken oder einem sonst das leben schwer zu machen!

By rossjazz on Jul 20, 2021, Germany

works great

5 star rating

Solid and simple. Like the payment options for the full function version. Once you know it works, batch conversion is worth paying for. I went for the full payment instead of the subscription.

By FCreviews on May 24, 2021, USA

Geht auch einfacher und wirklich kostenlos - ohne Abo

4 star rating

Geht auch einfacher und wirklich kostenlos - ohne Abo Habe auch zuerst im Store gesucht und dann bemerkt, dass der VLC Player kostenlos unter Ablage - konvertieren in alle möglichen Formate konvertiert.

By Zuano on May 19, 2021, Austria


5 star rating

So einfach muss das Konvertieren gehen! Cover kann dabei sogar aus dem gleichen Ordner in die Dateien eingebunden werden. ID3 Tags gibt es für ein Abo. Top!

By helmklopfen on May 03, 2021, Germany

Easy and good

5 star rating

Glad to have discovered this app. Quite easy to get and to make the conversions. A little confusing in terms of saving the converted files but once I figured that out, it was fast and efficient. A good tool to have in my toolbox.

By mekusal on Apr 26, 2021, USA


5 star rating

$9 for 1 year and it does exactly what I need and hs worked flawlessly so far with FLAC and APE conversions of classical to MP3 for Apple use. I tried other free players and most did not even run or install using late 2012 iMac 27# with OS Catalina 10.15.7

By MIKKI 'n KIKKI on Apr 20, 2021, Canada

It does what it says it'll do.

5 star rating

Just put in your file and it'll convert it to MP3. Every thing is simple and straightforward. And the quality of the MP3 is great too. Good job, guys!

By Chinemerem Andrew on Apr 08, 2021, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Simple, Quick and Free!

5 star rating

Does what it says on thge box. Since changing to Apple devices I find that having Opus and Flac files is not really an easy option with iTunes. I want simple and universal and so, those odd tracks of mine in other formats other than Apples or Mp3 - Have to be changed. Those does it efficiently

By Joe Bahru on Mar 23, 2021, UK

An Excellent App

5 star rating

A very useful, efficient and straight-forward app to use. Open the app, click on settings and choose which mp3 bit rate you want to convert to. Just drag and drop the original file onto MP3 Converter Free, up pops a little box showing the progress of the conversion, then the converted mp3 pops up onto the desktop (if that's your chosen destination for the conversion). Highly Recommended!

By PiperMantra on Feb 15, 2021, UK

Great app, easy to use

5 star rating

I recommend this app. It's the easiest way to convert WMA files to MP3. Thank you to the app creator for being brilliant enough to create an app that everyone can use. Have a great day!

By Daughter of the Most High God on Feb 14, 2021, USA