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5 star rating

Kein Drumrum - einfach und schnell. Kann die konvertierte Datei an der gleiche Stelle wie das Original abspeichern, was ich bei anderen Programmen teilweise nicht gefunden habe. Und ist schneller als viele andere... Ich bin sehr zufrieden.

By Gebrüll des Löwen on Apr 02, 2022, Germany

What a great app

5 star rating

Wow, what a lovely little app that does *exactly* what it says - convert files to mp3 format quickly and with no fuss at all. I can even right click on a bunch of selected mp4 files and open in this app and it automatically begins converting. Now this is an app worth paying for! The dev should charge for it. Please produce more terrific utilities like this!

By Dso3 on Apr 01, 2022, UK

Superb converter

5 star rating

I use this app regularly, converting into mp3 most of the other formats accepted: wav, flac, mp4. It is accurate, fast and simple to use. Highly recormmend it!!!

By Even-keel on Mar 29, 2022, USA

Quick and Easy

5 star rating

For basic conversion of CD audio to Mp3, this app works great. It's easy to use and the interface is very intuitive. If I need more formats later, I'll definitely buy the paid version.

By XXVI on Mar 12, 2022, USA

Works great and super easy!

5 star rating

I've used this for a while now to convert video files to audio files. It works and it's super easy to use. You just drag and drop the file and then get the converted one. It's also completely free.

By aylablue22 on Jan 17, 2022, USA

wma > mp3 @ 68

5 star rating

MS user for 40 yrs. Switched to MacOS and, oh crap, what am i going to?! Tried other conversion software and was constantly having issues of many assorted kinds. Then I found this one! Far freakin' out! Works smoothly and efficently. Only took 1 practice run for about 3 minutes and I paid for full version. Have had it now for last 3 yrs. You need to get this application! It works very well and is worth the cost. Yes, I am 68. Just retired and now have time to write reviews and such. Be safe out there.

By Red Dwarf Drone Svcs on Jan 09, 2022, USA

Free software that works

5 star rating

It does the job very efficiently, and was free. What's not to like! As long as it doesn't suddenly stop working and say I need to pay to carry on using it, I'm happy!

By Akreviewneo on Dec 19, 2021, UK

Fast, fast, fast

5 star rating

Eccellent application. Faster than any other audio program I'm running on my MAC. The fact that you can just drop an entire album and get it converted in second is really amazing.

By Andrea Centazzo on Nov 05, 2021, USA

Good converter, minor annoyance

4 star rating

This is a good, quality converter. Very pleased with its performance doing what it is supposed to do. Only complaint is that it simply will not remember my selection to stop warning me when I'm closing the file progress window even though I always check the box telling it to remember my selection. I keep checking the box hoping it will finally remember it for the future, but it never does.

By mgbOR on Oct 25, 2021, USA

Resuelve problemas

5 star rating

Muchas veces algunos convertidores de audio o descargas de videos no permiten usar el audio adecuadamente en editores. Esta app resuelve esos problemas.

By Mariano@DeVelascoG on Oct 04, 2021, Mexico

Muito prático e rápido

5 star rating

Usando o macbook air com m1 o app se mostrou bem rápido e fácil de usar. O aplicativo só precisa de uma renovada na interface para ficar de acordo com os novos parâmetros dos outros aplicativos.

By Loco Yoshi on Aug 23, 2021, Brazil