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FLAC > MP3 for Free

5 star rating

I had 3 albums I needed to convert from FLAC to MP3 and probably a load more now I have a decent converter. My car stereo is older so won't play FLAC. This has done the job and for free. I will be paying for premium to show grattitude.

By Steveocee on Oct 29, 2022, UK

Works well

4 star rating

I needed to convert mp4 recordings to mp3 recordings, and this did the trick quickly. It did recommend another app that I didn't really need, so not thrilled with that. I did end up paying for a year's subscription, because I have a lot of recordings to convert. The cost is worth the benefit for me.

By ZoundsMama on Sep 20, 2022, USA

Amazing App

5 star rating

This is a great app - free, fast, and it does exactly what it says it does. I downloaded it for m4A to mp3 conversion and it works like a charm. Hightly recommended.

By 7Hat8Jay on Sep 03, 2022, USA

runs well, quickly

5 star rating

i'm currently using this on a MacBook Pro to pull and convert the audio from a few gigs of mp4s, and its running like a stabbed rat. i can only imagine how quick it would be if it were actually a Silicon native app instead of Intel. absolutely well worth the purchase for me.

By darkelf on Sep 02, 2022, USA

Works Well Converting m4a files to mp3

5 star rating

As the title implies, I convert my m4a files to the mp3 format. Easy to use and obviously converts many different types of music formats to my standard "mp3".

By Boothie8739 on Aug 22, 2022, USA


5 star rating

Ücretsiz versiyonu 1-2 özellik dışında her şeye sahip. O özellikler de gerçekten özel bir ihtiyacınız varsa size yarar. Reklam yok, beklemek yok, son derece pratik. Kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum.

By egeesen on Aug 07, 2022, Turkey

The cover photo

4 star rating

It would ramdomly pick one of the photo in the destination folder as the mp3 file's cover photo, which it sometimes makes whoever receives the file getting my private photo. Please help to fix this. Thank you.

By 離開公司就不能處理群發的可憐人 on Aug 07, 2022, Taiwan


5 star rating

Dateien reinziehen, alle werden sofort konvertiert. Auch mein Hörspieldaten (mp3), die dann in der Lautstärke erhöht werden,- perfekt! ----- PS: ab wann kostet das Programm etwas?

By Applejens on Jul 24, 2022, Germany


5 star rating

En primer lugar existen otras app similares pero no son gratis. Acaban por condicionarte para cobrar. Segundo lugar esta app es sencillícimo de operar, acepta gran cantidad de formatos de entrada para convertirlos a mp3 completamente limpio. Tercero, es muy eficiente e intuitivo su funcionamiento. Creo haber divho lo más importante: pero agrego que es muy agradable existan app sin costo y tan eficientes.

By Eráclito on Jul 02, 2022, Mexico


5 star rating

Espectacular app.. Se instaló sin ningún problema.. funciona de diez.. rapidísimo.. si le cambias la extensión al archivo igual reconoce el formato interno.. Excelente..

By DaniRgl on May 05, 2022, Argentina

The best

5 star rating

Her şeyin para olduğu bu devirde, kolayca ve ücretsiz bir şekilde convert işlemi yapmaya yaran bir program. Uzun süredir kullanıyorum. Bu programı yapan adam gibi adamdır.

By Caliqula9 on Apr 02, 2022, Turkey