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To MP3 Converter

4 star rating

Hij werkt en wanneer ik een hele CD converteert dan pakt hij nummer voor nummer aan. Een nadeel is de lange procestijd. Even snel een MP3tje maken kan niet.

By Rob_Lisse on Nov 16, 2016, Netherlands

so easy

5 star rating

This converter app is absolutely so easy to use. At first i only used the free version but then I decided to upgrade. the only problem i have is the monthly fee - yes it is only $3.99 but it is charged monthly. Maybe just a one-time purchase would be better. Other than that, I think this is such an easy and useful app to have and use.

By Garfield23232323 on Nov 06, 2016, USA

Worked and simple

5 star rating

liked it - was easy and worked for what i wanted I updated to the full version and it was a good idea for a period of time - dont need it forever though - just did a monthly thing

By je19000 on Oct 13, 2016, USA

Works Great

5 star rating

Needed something to convert wav files to mp3’s to send to clients without having to open Itunes. Drag and drop and put’s it back in the folder. Perfect.

By Sammy the Bull10 on Oct 06, 2016, USA

Tekee sen mink lupaa

5 star rating

Toimiva, pieni, ohjelma joka tekee juuri sen mink lupaa. Yksinkertainen kyttliittym ja tehokas suorituskyky massamaiseen MP3-muuntamiseen. Nin esimerkiksi oman iTunes-kirjaston vieminen USB-tikulle ajoneuvokytt varten on yksinkertaista.

By H_AKSELI on Sep 02, 2016, Finland

Einfach perfekt!

5 star rating

Ich hatte die Aufgabe für eine Party eine Playlist zusammenzustellen. Verschiedenste Musik-Formate mit teilweise langen Verzögerungen am Beginn und am Ende in unterschiedlichsten Lautstärken lagen mir vor. Kurz gesagt: Den ganzen Ordner per Drag and Drop ins Programm gezogen und Song für Song wurde getrimmt, zu mp3 konvertiert, Pausen entfernt und die Lautstärke angepasst. Über 100 Songs in ca. 10 Minuten! Wer so etwas vorhat: Es gibt nicht besseres!

By vacatHH on Aug 12, 2016, Germany

Spoken word conversion

5 star rating

I use this to convert spoken word audio files. MP3 Converter does the conversion quickly and is very helpful. I have only converted individual files so I can’t speak to the whole file/fee option but I would assume it is also terrific.

By Satmathew on Aug 11, 2016, USA


5 star rating

Удобно что можно сразу несколько файлов выбирать и конвертировать, а не по одному. Ну и спасибо за бесплатность, конечно.

By T2511011 on Aug 03, 2016, Russia

Converts many, many audio formats……but not the one I want

4 star rating

I continue my search for an app to convert Sony voice recorder .dvf files to MP3. This app does a great job with other formats, but does not read .dvf. My search continues for a Mac app that can give what I need.

By Poromies on Jul 29, 2016, UK

Old wma files

5 star rating

Had allot of old Windows WMA files that iTunes didn’t like; used the converter to convert them all, yay, iTunes now likes them. In the beginning, it let me do allot of songs at once, but as I figured, that didn’t last very long. I paid the $9.99 to get the full version, things went faster to finish my tasks (still cheaper than rebuying the songs in iTunes (since I already bought them once, had a Windows machine at the time and WMA’s were the way to go, how times change). Anyway, it is a great app for not such a bad price.

By jnelson1078 on Jul 14, 2016, USA

So easy!

5 star rating

I just got a Mac not long ago and have been looking all over for ways to play these files. This app instantly converts the files so I can play them and use them. I love it!

By Kelizabeth14<3 on Jul 11, 2016, USA