Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter - Page #30

Simple and easy to use!

5 star rating

I’m not the best or worst at computers. This software is easy and quick to use. It helps me download some of my favorite songs. I highly recomomend and even the subscription is not that bad. When you look at all the features it comes with! Point is I HIGHLY suggest giving this a try and you’ll fall in love with it!

By Skydreams4evr on Jan 31, 2016, USA

So far so good!

4 star rating

I like this app because it does exactly what is says it will do with no hiccups. No banners or distractions. I works as soon as you download it and I appreciate the efficiency.

By Pryce Dchot on Jan 31, 2016, USA

Artwork too with subscription

5 star rating

This works great and is well worth the cost of a one-year subscription. It bulk converts m4a to mp3 and will also download artwork for your new MP3’s. I was especially looking for something to add the artwork to my MP3 collection.

By mcuz12414 on Jan 29, 2016, USA


5 star rating

I can’t find a negative thing about it - I had wav files that it converted with no trouble. I shouldn’t say this but FREE! this is worth a trial run and a charge for keeping it. (a small one though) It really is Brill Robert k

By R kemp on Jan 25, 2016, UK

Всё, что нужно!

5 star rating

Сижу, перебираю конвертеры в AppStore. Все, которые уже перепробовал, конвертят mp3 в Join Stereo (псевдо-стерео). Этот же просто вызвал у меня ВАУ-эффект настройками выходного формата. Главное, есть True Stereo!!! По-настоящему многопоточный — по одному файлу на поток процессора. Папку прошел мгновенно. Громадная благодарность Николаю!!!

By BPaulll on Jan 13, 2016, Russia

To MP3 Converter Made It Simple!

5 star rating

New car with no CD Player but still want to listen to books on CD? No problem with To MP3 Converter. Just convert the AIFF files on the CD Audio Disc to MP3 and save them to a memory stick, plug them into the USB port in the car, and play them through the stereo.

By VASpaceCadet on Jan 13, 2016, USA

Great program

5 star rating

I don’t mind paying for a great program that works, and this one does. I tried the free version, but you’re limited to one conversion at a time. This is frustrating if you’re wanting to convert a lot of songs. This program does batch conversions quickly. Well worth the money.

By revelstokian on Jan 10, 2016, Canada

Brilliant App - Saved the day :-)

5 star rating

Yet another Instance where 'Apple knows best'. Why would Quicktime 7 need to export to MP3 ? Needed to put some nursery rhymes on my nephews MP3 toy. Amazed Quicktime couldn't do it. Your App saved the day Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant !!! :-)

By Gazta on Dec 25, 2015, UK

Endlich ein einfaches Programm

5 star rating

Die Handhabung dieses Programms ist wirklich leicht. Auch ohne ausgiebige Englisch-Kenntnisse. Die Dynamik der konvertierten Dateien ist enorm. Sogar alte Vinyl-Schinken habe ich konvertiert. Klappt gut.Der Preis ist eigentlich kaum der Rede wert. Prima. Fünf Sterne sind angemessen.

By lutz-roots on Dec 25, 2015, Germany

wirklich gut

5 star rating

Einfach File´s reinziehen und schon geht es los. Konvertiert auch mehrere File´s von der CD ohne zu murren. Das ist auch bei sogenannten Kauf Pro Convertern nicht selbstverständlich. Ich hätte mir auch gerne die Pro Version geholt, fand sie aber dafür, dass man nur auf MP3 konvertieren kann mit 10 € zu teuer

By TodLoser on Dec 24, 2015, Germany

Gets the job done with simplicity

5 star rating

I was looking for a very simple to use app to convert flac to mp3 as my library is nearly all flac. This app does it in spades, and is very fast. The only downside is that musicbrainz tags don’t seem to get carried across for some reason. If the developer can look into that, that would be awesome.

By Xodaru on Dec 23, 2015, Australia