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.ra converter

5 star rating

Had a website redhotjazz that has all their file in .ra format. Got this converter and it automatically converts the .ra files to mp3 and makes them playable on my Mac. Love it

By mblzep on May 14, 2016, USA


4 star rating

Once I’d got my head around the fact that it was far easier to use than I had expected… (Hm.) It was… a piece of cake. So, the tiny gripe would be - how about giving us the one simple instruction: Just drag and drop. Easy peasy. (Oh - and by the way - it worked.)

By Mia Jersey on May 05, 2016, UK

Потрясающее приложение!

5 star rating

Очень крутое беслпатное приложение, которое может больше и при этом проще, чем платные аналоги, которые я пробовал! Мне нужно конвертировать только в mp3 и тут это реализовано просто и удобно!

By Дени3ро on Apr 14, 2016, Russia

So far it’s great!

5 star rating

I went ahead and immediately paid the $10 hoping it avoids the subscription fees of the free version. I have a large iTunes library with a mix of MP3 and MR4 files and wanted all of them to be MP3s. So far I have converted about 10 albums in 2 minutes.

By User77a on Apr 10, 2016, USA


5 star rating

Прекрасное приложение, делающее возможным невозможное у других. Спасибо, Николай!

By AntonioSam on Mar 26, 2016, Russia


5 star rating

works fast and well! I downloaded a bunch of music and couldn’t put them on itunes bc i had flac files. you can drop large files and groups of files into this mp3 converter no problem! total life saver!

By justgivemeanynickname on Mar 24, 2016, USA

Great Great Great !

5 star rating

I am really happy with this app and after the trial i bought the full version ! Thea features included are amazing, i can just give it a folder and then it converts everything inside while keeping the structure intact ! i am converting batches of 400 to 500 files and it happens instantly !

By Nikolaos M on Mar 22, 2016, Greece

So Easy & So Powerful!

5 star rating

I can’t imagine how I could be any happier with this program! It’s ease of use and functionality simply speak for themselves. I’ve never been disappointed by it and use it every day!

By ArtCarlson67 on Mar 14, 2016, USA

Simple and Easy and It Works

5 star rating

The latest iTunes update didn’t copy all of my music and I have been in a panic! I found where I had backed it up on another drive but it wasn’t in the right format. For $3.99 MP3 converted the music in a few minutes with a drag and drop. Thank heavens!!! Great ap and worth the $!!!

By Cindylou48 on Mar 08, 2016, USA

очень круто

5 star rating

Закидываешь сразу папкой и он всё контвертит в качестве которое отметишь, складывая туда, куда скажешь. Лучше не придумать и без рекламы, твердая 5!

By господин Поляков on Feb 26, 2016, Russia

As Advertised!

5 star rating

It does what it says to do, easily, quickly, and can’t get any cheaper than free! I needed to convert some WAV files to MP3, and this did the trick.

By SailFreex on Feb 12, 2016, USA