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mr j

5 star rating

struggling for two days to download an album on to a usb stick so i could play in car down loaded this mp3 converter and it was done in about five mins.not bad for a seventy year old with no tech knowledge

By gondolasinking on Mar 17, 2017, UK

Buy this

5 star rating

The free version is ok, if you only have one ot two files to convert. The purchased version allows you to convert an unlimited number of files, which is great when you have different equipment recording in different formats. This app converts my files quickly and I have never had a glitch of any kind. If you need an app to convert files to MP3 files, I recommend this one.

By Spin-man on Mar 15, 2017, USA

Wasy for non-geeks to use!

5 star rating

Some of the muisc blogs that I follow put FLAC files on, and I have a mac so I need something to convert them. The ‘drag’ option here is really simple, and then export the file to iTunes, where you can give it your own label. The fact that I was able to do it says a great deal about how simple it is!

By The Bobby Dazzler on Mar 13, 2017, UK

Trs bien avec fichiers MIDI

5 star rating

J’ai utilisé la version gratuite pour convertir des fichiers MIDI et les importer dans Itunes et ça fonctionne à merveille. D’une grande simplicité.

By sylvainosteo on Mar 12, 2017, Canada

Does what I need

5 star rating

I needed a quick way to convert Quicktime audio files to MP3 and this app works faster than Itunes. So far I haven’t had any issues, and I like that I can drag and drop multiple files and they’re converted quickly! As long as it keeps working, I plan to stick with this app.

By Marcia Boatman on Mar 01, 2017, USA

Fantastic resource

5 star rating

I needed to convert a weird formatted cd to be able to work on my macbook, and this programme did it in seconds. Absolutely brilliant, would highly recommend.

By Eims92 on Feb 24, 2017, Ireland

Great Little App

5 star rating

Very easy to use, great for batch converting albums. Had to downgrade some albums from my iTunes library from 320 to 128 bits to save space and this app does it quicker than any others I tried. You have to delete the old ones and copy the new ones across, but the drag and drop makes it as quick as possible. The album artwork isn’t retained unfortunately.

By drum2one drum tuition on Feb 24, 2017, UK

Excelente herramienta

5 star rating

Es una excelente herramienta para convertir varios archivos a la vez ademas de ser muy rpido, efectivo y organizado, siempre organiza los archivos convertidos en una carpeta facil de encontrar.

By Criss9520 on Feb 20, 2017, Colombia

Great converter app

5 star rating

Fast and east to use - drag and drop fuction great and theres an easy send to iTunes link too - and it's free downloaded right there on your computer - love ot

By dongonecamping on Feb 19, 2017, UK


5 star rating

간편하고 좋네요 여러개 그냥 걸어놓고 딴짓좀 하다보면 다 변환돼어있네요 요즘 소장시디들 개인감상용으로 변환중인데 써본것중 젤 괜찮은듣ㅅ

By 여행쪼하 on Feb 18, 2017, Korea, Republic Of

Great App

5 star rating

I did not try the free version of this because I had many music files I wanted to convert from Windows to AAC so I can listen to them in ITunes. It was incredibly easy to convert entire albums. The app offers the free editing of tags if you want that. I had no interest in editing the tags. (A separate review of that freer app claims that you have to pay to continue to use it). I was unsure if this app would perform as claimed and a bit reluctnat to buy it. However, I am happy I did. It pefroms very well for my purposes, very user friendly.

By audiophile enthusiast on Feb 18, 2017, Canada