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Simple and Easy and It Works

5 star rating

The latest iTunes update didn’t copy all of my music and I have been in a panic! I found where I had backed it up on another drive but it wasn’t in the right format. For $3.99 MP3 converted the music in a few minutes with a drag and drop. Thank heavens!!! Great ap and worth the $!!!

By Cindylou48 on Mar 08, 2016, USA

очень круто

5 star rating

Закидываешь сразу папкой и он всё контвертит в качестве которое отметишь, складывая туда, куда скажешь. Лучше не придумать и без рекламы, твердая 5!

By господин Поляков on Feb 26, 2016, Russia

As Advertised!

5 star rating

It does what it says to do, easily, quickly, and can’t get any cheaper than free! I needed to convert some WAV files to MP3, and this did the trick.

By SailFreex on Feb 12, 2016, USA


5 star rating

Not sure the difference between this and the one for Free w the same name ? But this one works great with the right simple set of options. When I put the mp3 into iTunes - it reverts to the original Metadata… so I hope they add an option to auto change the file name to whatever I convert…maybe it’s there already. In any case I like this app and it works well. Have not tried “batch” convert… but it does allow to drag a file onto the dock icon and convert to last preferences settings. Recommended.

By TruthwChrist on Feb 12, 2016, USA

easy and free!

5 star rating

I had a funky recording device used for a research project, which made files in a .wav format… wouldn’t play in iTunes. Installed this To MP3 Converter, just dragged the file over into it, then the converted files into iTunes, and voila! I could hear it immediately and with good quality sound. And free!!!

By pastorChrista on Feb 09, 2016, USA


5 star rating

I wanted an application that i could use to convert my iTune purchases into MP3’s, now i here you say that you can do that in iTunes BUT i didn’t want to duplicate the file (or even the title) before transfering to another folder, and this wonderful inexpensive application fits the shoe PERFECTLY. i would recommend this app to anyone with the same needs. GREAT

By Vianalky on Feb 07, 2016, UK

Simple and easy to use!

5 star rating

I’m not the best or worst at computers. This software is easy and quick to use. It helps me download some of my favorite songs. I highly recomomend and even the subscription is not that bad. When you look at all the features it comes with! Point is I HIGHLY suggest giving this a try and you’ll fall in love with it!

By Skydreams4evr on Jan 31, 2016, USA

So far so good!

4 star rating

I like this app because it does exactly what is says it will do with no hiccups. No banners or distractions. I works as soon as you download it and I appreciate the efficiency.

By Pryce Dchot on Jan 31, 2016, USA

Artwork too with subscription

5 star rating

This works great and is well worth the cost of a one-year subscription. It bulk converts m4a to mp3 and will also download artwork for your new MP3’s. I was especially looking for something to add the artwork to my MP3 collection.

By mcuz12414 on Jan 29, 2016, USA


5 star rating

I can’t find a negative thing about it - I had wav files that it converted with no trouble. I shouldn’t say this but FREE! this is worth a trial run and a charge for keeping it. (a small one though) It really is Brill Robert k

By R kemp on Jan 25, 2016, UK

Всё, что нужно!

5 star rating

Сижу, перебираю конвертеры в AppStore. Все, которые уже перепробовал, конвертят mp3 в Join Stereo (псевдо-стерео). Этот же просто вызвал у меня ВАУ-эффект настройками выходного формата. Главное, есть True Stereo!!! По-настоящему многопоточный — по одному файлу на поток процессора. Папку прошел мгновенно. Громадная благодарность Николаю!!!

By BPaulll on Jan 13, 2016, Russia