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carísima y te obliga a suscribirte

4 star rating

La app es genial en cuanto hace perfectamente lo que te ofrece, funciona de maravilla; el defecto es que te obliga a suscribirte… con pago mensual… !!! y si no la desactivas te cobra cada mes (4 euros). Osea si te compensa porque trabajes convirtiendo si te sirve

By Eanc on Sep 25, 2015, Spain


5 star rating

Simplemente arrastras tus archivos de video o audio y te convierte en pocos segundos una cancin a mp3. Luego haces click en un botn para mandarla a iTunes. Sencilo! Puedes convertir varios archivos a la vez. Muy recomendable esta aplicacin.

By Felopz on Sep 23, 2015, Mexico

I bought it for the conversion from mp4 to mp3

5 star rating

Absolutely works great for this purpose. Very quick and easy. Now I can listen to my Spanish lessons unstead of having to keep the video player on...

By pwbrewer on Sep 16, 2015, USA

Это то, что я искал!

5 star rating

Хороший конвертер, прост в использовании, отличается от других аналогов тем что умеет конвертировать вложенные в папках файлы. Это то, что мне было нужно. Конвертировал всю библиотеку itunes из m4a в mp3. Теперь могу слушать музыку на обычном mp3 плеере без проблем. Интерфейс только английский, хотелось бы увидеть русский язык, но это не критично. Стоит отдельно отметить бесплатность, многие конверторы берут деньги за возможность конвертировать множество файлов за раз.

By capitantonyb on Sep 13, 2015, Russia

Fast and Easy!

5 star rating

It took me a while to find something as flawless as this program, I tried to go cheap with the free versions but there’s nothing like this program, it really gives you tons of options to convert your audio files. If your looking for a program that can convert your audio files fast and easy with no crashes; get this one.

By Tragic4life on Sep 07, 2015, USA


4 star rating

Offre exactement ce qu’il prétend pouvoir faire, il est cependant approprié d’ajouter Tag Editor pour modifier les noms de fichiers car les lecteurs MP3 d’automobile ne sont pas tres performants avec les noms de fichiers. tag editor est gratuit et fonctionne tres bien

By paramedox on Aug 30, 2015, Canada

Easy to use just make sure you cancel subscription before you are charged again

5 star rating

The app was fast and did exactly what i wanted. I paid the dollar so I could do folders instead of just one song. All was great but the only thing is once you sign up you have to cancel before month end or it charges you again. I think they should have explained how to do this or at least where to go. After digging i found out it is through your Itunes account and not through the app. Just go into your Itunes account and you will easily see where to cancel. Other than making me search for an answer, the app was great, and faster than the other one I had tried earlier.

By MAH6 on Aug 29, 2015, USA

MP3 Converter

4 star rating

MP3 Converter is a great program and works well but for some reason it will stop after using it for a while. When it stops working it will tell you that it can not convert a song or album so turn it off and open it the next day and it will convert the music it told you the day before it couldn’t. It is very easy to use and if it wasn’t for the one clitch I would have gave it 5 stars.

By lk1302 on Aug 24, 2015, USA


5 star rating

Bis jetzt habe ich nur folgende formate in MP3 konvertiert: M4A, WMA, WMV. Es war mich wichtig dass beim konvertieren auch die Lautstärke maximiert werden kann. Bis jetzt bin ich mit dieser Software zufrieden.

By EsHeisstDieApp! on Aug 10, 2015, Germany

Hasn’t let me down

5 star rating

I needed an app that would convert my most common Mac format and MP3 Converter was great. It will convert a good number of formats to MP3 and quickly to. It did what I expected and I’d recommend it.

By VT180 on Aug 02, 2015, USA

Simple but effective

5 star rating

This is a very simple but efficient way to change most any audio format to an mp3. As simple as drag and drop. It has become my go to way to convert audio files.

By 4thbornnic on Jul 28, 2015, USA