Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter - Page #32

Endlich ein einfaches Programm

5 star rating

Die Handhabung dieses Programms ist wirklich leicht. Auch ohne ausgiebige Englisch-Kenntnisse. Die Dynamik der konvertierten Dateien ist enorm. Sogar alte Vinyl-Schinken habe ich konvertiert. Klappt gut.Der Preis ist eigentlich kaum der Rede wert. Prima. Fünf Sterne sind angemessen.

By lutz-roots on Dec 25, 2015, Germany

wirklich gut

5 star rating

Einfach File´s reinziehen und schon geht es los. Konvertiert auch mehrere File´s von der CD ohne zu murren. Das ist auch bei sogenannten Kauf Pro Convertern nicht selbstverständlich. Ich hätte mir auch gerne die Pro Version geholt, fand sie aber dafür, dass man nur auf MP3 konvertieren kann mit 10 € zu teuer

By TodLoser on Dec 24, 2015, Germany

Gets the job done with simplicity

5 star rating

I was looking for a very simple to use app to convert flac to mp3 as my library is nearly all flac. This app does it in spades, and is very fast. The only downside is that musicbrainz tags don’t seem to get carried across for some reason. If the developer can look into that, that would be awesome.

By Xodaru on Dec 23, 2015, Australia

semplice da usare e permette la coda di intere cartelle

5 star rating

semplice da usare e permette la coda di intere cartelle con la versione gratuita! un pò lento forse, ma ovviamrnte dipende dal computer… io ho un mac book pro del 2010… con disco SSD.

By plus39 on Dec 20, 2015, Italy

einfach und gut

5 star rating

funktioniert einfach. per drag und drop die titel ins programmfenster ziehen, zielort wählen, fertig. Bei mir Macbook 2012, el Capitan läufts super.

By maklei on Dec 20, 2015, Germany


4 star rating

I bought this just to transfer my CDs stored on my previous computer (in .wma) to my new iMac iTunes Library. I was able to convert all +700 CDs in a fraction of the time it took me to originally download them! I would have given it 5 stars if it would have transferred all of the song titles as well.

By Gpsii2012 on Dec 15, 2015, USA

A Must Have App

5 star rating

Iv used this app to convert so many mp3’s now and its never failed. I upgraded to the payed version so I could batch convert. Again works great. Well done to the developer for doing such an excellent job. Will be looking at any other apps you have developed now. Thanks.

By doctorwho83 on Dec 10, 2015, UK


5 star rating

it was fast and easy to use I dont know about other people saying to cancel before getting charged but ill make sure ill check into that lol overall it is a great app

By Pinkcuy on Dec 05, 2015, USA

MP3 Converter

5 star rating

Brilliant. I needed to trim a radio recording but had a WMP file. Downloaded this, effortless. Then, in about a minute it had convered a 20mb file to MP3. Edited what I needed using another program. Fantastic! Instead of searching for something - just download this and get on with the job. You've found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It does the job (I have Macbook pro/Yosemite - worked perfectly.) A big thank you to the developers.

By Paul@Hull on Dec 04, 2015, UK

Made my day!

5 star rating

Just what I’ve been looking for, for far too long. I’m sure I haven’t tested to everyone’s needs, but it’s certainly satisfied me. And its fast!

By Centralian Experience on Nov 22, 2015, Australia

Brilliant - so easy the cat could do it!

5 star rating

I love technology that does exactly what it says without any fiddling about and this is a great little app for a quick conversion. Quality is great too, it doesn’t affect the quality of the recording as do some other apps I have tried. Couldn’t find anything bad or negative to say about it at all.

By Angel-Messenger on Nov 19, 2015, UK