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5 star rating

Does exactly what it says it does. And fast and well. Perfect for when we lost a phone record app but not old recorded interviews and needed to convert them to listen to them. Worked like a charm!

By aphollywood on Sep 14, 2017, USA

Totally Easy

5 star rating

For the first time for me, Apple support made a recommendation that actually helped me. An easy app to use for someone like me who isn’t very computer literate. It downloaded quickly and converted the audio file I had to a format I was able to listen to.

By Froschfarm on Sep 13, 2017, Australia

Es simplemente una maravilla.

5 star rating

Su interface es tan intuitiva que hasta la puede usar m abuelita. Solo arrastra lo que quieras a la aplicacin sea audio o video y ya. Tambin tienes la obcin de buscar por carpetas. Excelente aplicacin!!

By Mc Frost 88 on Sep 13, 2017, Mexico

mp3음원으로 바꾸기

5 star rating

일반 책에 들어 있던 교육프로그램 CD를 CD기에서 들으려다보니 컴퓨터 외엔 실행이 불가해서 MP3 로 변환하는 프로그램기 없을까 하고 알아보던 중 쉽게 변환해주는 컨버터가 있어서 바로 무료로 깔고 테스트 해 봤는데.. 정말 쉽게 바꿀 수 있어 좋네요. 감사합니다. 잘 쓰겠습니다.

By Ohmycello on Sep 06, 2017, Korea, Republic Of


5 star rating

無料のmp3コンバータってありそうで無いんですよね。 これは無料なのにスピードも早いし操作も簡単で助かります。

By ちきーた on Sep 05, 2017, Japan


5 star rating

Superb app, quick and supe simple to use. Would be great to see an addition to the app to be able to delete siurce files though. I’m using this to convert folders of music on a drive for use in the car that won;t play m4as. So I have to conver the folder, then delte the original files. It would be great to haev an option to delete the source files automatically if that’s possible to add? Otherwise this faultless, and WELL worht the money. Great work thank you!

By CREZO on Sep 02, 2017, UK


5 star rating

Excelente! Simples e prtico, ao contrrio de um monte de lixo que tem na App Store que se prope a fazer as converses mas cheios de limitaes. Este App merece 5 estrelas com certeza.

By xfearbiox on Aug 21, 2017, Brazil

일단 기능 단순하고 엄청 편하네요^^

5 star rating

태그 변환 어플과도 연동되고(변환 다 되면 동째로 태그 정리 할 수 있는 연동 어플도 있어요) 손도도 빠르고, 폴더 통째로 지정하면 알아서 변환해주네요^^ 몇번 했더니 유로 결제가 뜨던데, 아직도 리뷰쓰면 무료인지 몰라서 아무튼 좋은 어플입니다. 리뷰 남겨봅니다.

By 소심한흰둥 on Aug 17, 2017, Korea, Republic Of


5 star rating

The App did what I need to have it done specifically. I have to comment on the support. It was prompt and precise. You can’t ask for more. Thank you.

By BuffTR on Aug 16, 2017, USA


5 star rating

Hatte einige Songs in meiner iTunes Mediathek, die im M4A Format vorlagen (unbrauchbar für mein Auto). Mit iTunes wollte ich es nicht konvertieren, also hab ich dieses Tool genommen und es lief einwandfrei. M4A Dateien direkt aus dem Finder ins Fenster gezogen und die Konvertierung ging sofort los. Hat bei ca. 200 Liedern knapp eine halbe Stunde gedauert.

By EddieDean1981 on Aug 14, 2017, Germany

Crazy, Design well. DJ DeZ5 from Brooklyn

5 star rating

MP3 Converter and Tag Editor, Crazy every DJ in Brookyn Needs to be able to find music quick at a party, These program will keep you Organized. Bigup and One Love

By Dez5 on Aug 05, 2017, USA