Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter - Page #26

Love This App

5 star rating

This app has helped me consolidate all my music into one file footprint. If you are like me you have music from a variety of sources. Getting all the artist “on the same sheet of Music” makes it easier to load all my pocket players and tablets.

By DJ-Clayvius on Jun 18, 2017, USA

Semplice ed efficiente

5 star rating

Tenendo presente che un’applicazione del genere richiede molta potenza di calcolo per il compito che deve svolgere (la conversione di formati multimediali), si può dire che si tratta di un’app ideale in quanto per la conversione basta trascinare i file sull’apposita finestra e attendere che l’operazione sia completata. La possibilità di modificare i tag MP3 con l’altra app dello stesso sviluppatore è un gradito extra, così come l’opzione per aggiungere il file appena convertito a iTunes con un solo click. Ricordate che potete definire la qualità (bitrate) degli MP3 estratti dai video, io ho usato 128 in quanto mi è più che sufficiente per un uso quotidiano (ascolto da smartphone con le cuffie oppure da altoparlante di tablet o computer).

By Bonaventura Di Bello on Jun 14, 2017, Italy


5 star rating

I just downloaded this app on 6-14-2017 because the free version was maxed out. I figured I will need it for all of my old files stored on my external hard drive. It was super simple to change the "save to” folder then to click to convert. Try the free version first to make sure you like it.

By Wahine332 on Jun 14, 2017, USA

So far So Good!

5 star rating

I have converted text audio to mp3 and video to mp3 with EASE and when it asks you ‘open it in itunes’ it actually DOES and you can specify the playlist and it shows up there! So pumped. Worth every penny.

By MsLysia on May 25, 2017, Canada

Excellent tool

5 star rating

This program works reliably (without errors, and without crashing), and it lets you convert and store to a memory card without needing to store an extra copy on your hard drive. Highly recommended.

By Larason on May 24, 2017, Canada

Free version

5 star rating

I needed help when some files i downloaded would open up with QuickTime, but i found this and it was fast and I was able to listen to the clips. Keeping in mind this is the free version and the one I’ll probably keep. It helped out a lot.

By BEASTfan14 on May 22, 2017, USA

Does What It Says

5 star rating

No messing. Great little app for the audio toolbox. I use it to convert wav to mp3 in double quick time and so I don’t tie up my editor when I’m doing that job. Perfect.

By SingingBill on May 10, 2017, UK

Did what I wanted it to do

5 star rating

Downloaded the free version because Bride gave me her music in .WMA format, but our system is all MAC. I was able to convert all her music to the proper format and it didn’t cost me a penny.

By Mama@HWRanch on Apr 26, 2017, USA

Muy buena!

5 star rating

Hace tiempo no encontraba la manera de sacar un audio de los videos y que quedara con calidad, con esta aplicacion lo encontre en un paso sencillo… Gracias...

By Marcoag on Apr 25, 2017, USA

Works great!

5 star rating

I use Finale for creating music arrangements. I can export the arrangement to a WAVE file. A 4 minute WAV file takes up about 42MB. The MP3 created with this app reduces the size to about 7MB. Simple to use and gives great results.

By Jackson9er on Apr 05, 2017, USA

한번에 변환되서 좋아요

5 star rating

쓰기 편하고 여러 앨범을 한번에 바꿔줘서 너무 좋네요 돌려놓고 다른일 하나보니 후딱 끝났어요 시디가 윈도우파일이라 아이튠즈에 넣기 어려웠는데 쉽게바껴서 좋아요

By Seulki Kim on Apr 05, 2017, Korea, Republic Of