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M4a to MP3

5 star rating

Great app! Converts your files quickly & efficiently. Stores your converted files in Itunes for future reference. So far I have had no problem with this app. Would recommend it!

By Canuck in Oz on Feb 28, 2018, Australia

1st Class

5 star rating

A quality app that’s easy to use ‘straight out of the box’ … customisation and all. I expect to pay for the product of a creator’s skill, and am very satisfied. Wondering which paid app to get? Buy this one! Great value for the money paid.

By WinBaron on Feb 28, 2018, UK

Straight 'out of the box'

5 star rating

Excellent especially for an amateur it worked to convert my Play list into MP3 as I had collected all sorts of formats and struggled to get them to play on my Macbook Pro El Capitan

By R3UUU on Feb 27, 2018, UK

Quick and easy to use.

5 star rating

I recently upgraded to a Mac and found that most of my music was in .wma format, which couldn’t be imported into iTunes to sync with my phone. I had a moment of panic, and then found this excellent app to help me out. I used the free version and it worked perfectly. You can drag and drop multiple files at a time, so I set my desktop as the destination folder and then placed the files where they belong. I will definitely keep using this when needed.

By Antigone227 on Feb 15, 2018, USA


5 star rating


By ゆっき★black on Feb 14, 2018, Japan

Einfach zu bediene, aber nicht 100% frei

4 star rating

Tool funktioniert super, allerdings fängt er nach ein paar Konvertierungen mit dem Drosseln an. Eine Batch-Konvertierung (also mehrere Dateien einer CD gleichzeitig) ist nur noch nach einer „Spende“ möglich. Sollte man nicht bereit sein, kann man nur noch einzelne Lieder konvertieren, was das Ganze etwas mühsam macht … Manchmal sehne ich mich nach meinem Windows PC, da war diesbezüglich alles einfach :( Einen Stern Abzug für die Auslegung von „free"

By RoninMuc on Feb 09, 2018, Germany


5 star rating

Does Exactly what you need it to do. No fuss… No Muss. I LOVE it!! Thank you developers!! NOTE! If you had a ONE TIME purchase price… I would Happily pay. Most of us Avoid Monthly Fees at all costs.

By CharChars Daddy on Feb 07, 2018, USA

Need to format my iTunes to MP3

5 star rating

Very slick program, works great. Free version is nice, but I like to support developers and their products, so bought the Pro version. It was on sale, so that was nice to get a deal. If you upgraded from the app, it was more than buying off the Mac App Store. I highly recommend this app to anyone that needs to convert their sound tracks.

By woldham57 on Feb 06, 2018, USA

Can’t play WAV. on MAC, download this app and it works! and it’s easy!

5 star rating

I love this application, I’ve been going crazy all day trying to figure out what to do. I couldn’t play wav. files on my MAC and then I downloaded this app and they converted to MP3’s and now itunes plays them. Easy and fast!

By JacomeFamily on Feb 04, 2018, USA

It does the job!

5 star rating

I downloaded it for one reason, and it did the job. I wish I would have found this app sooner, I had so much trouble trying to do the conversion online before I found this handy tool.

By nbergen on Feb 02, 2018, USA

I love it!

5 star rating

The To MP3 converter is really easy to use and very fast to export. I really appreciate the ability to have this software to help me in transfering my voice recorders to iTunes. Thank you.

By RossanaUSA on Jan 27, 2018, USA