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Need to format my iTunes to MP3

5 star rating

Very slick program, works great. Free version is nice, but I like to support developers and their products, so bought the Pro version. It was on sale, so that was nice to get a deal. If you upgraded from the app, it was more than buying off the Mac App Store. I highly recommend this app to anyone that needs to convert their sound tracks.

By woldham57 on Feb 06, 2018, USA

Can’t play WAV. on MAC, download this app and it works! and it’s easy!

5 star rating

I love this application, I’ve been going crazy all day trying to figure out what to do. I couldn’t play wav. files on my MAC and then I downloaded this app and they converted to MP3’s and now itunes plays them. Easy and fast!

By JacomeFamily on Feb 04, 2018, USA

It does the job!

5 star rating

I downloaded it for one reason, and it did the job. I wish I would have found this app sooner, I had so much trouble trying to do the conversion online before I found this handy tool.

By nbergen on Feb 02, 2018, USA

I love it!

5 star rating

The To MP3 converter is really easy to use and very fast to export. I really appreciate the ability to have this software to help me in transfering my voice recorders to iTunes. Thank you.

By RossanaUSA on Jan 27, 2018, USA

Outstanding flac to MP3 converter

5 star rating

I have been using “All to MP3” previously and it recently converted 4 lp’s to 40 zero byte files (no good) mp3. So, I thought I’d try this one. It turned out to have a BEAUTIFUL FEATURE that the other didn’t have. I will take one of those “whole album” single flac files and during the conversion, it spits out individual, properly named, single song mp3s. An AWESOME feature. It also adjusts the volume while processing. And it’s FREE. 1300 5 star reviews.

By Jake Bluez on Jan 26, 2018, USA

간편하고 강력합니다.

5 star rating

간편하고 강력해서, 윈도우 쪽 프로그램보다도 효율적입니다. 그런데, 이거 리뷰 남기면 계속 사용 가능한지 모르겠네요

By Spiderfish1234 on Jan 21, 2018, Korea, Republic Of

very happy and thankful

5 star rating

I was very frustrated with files not working from an olympus digital recorder. I downloaded this app and within minutes I had access to everything. Thanks!

By San Diego to Rantoul on Jan 20, 2018, USA

Sehr schnell und komfortabel

4 star rating

- Sehr einfach und komfortabel einzurichten und zu bedienen - Konvertiert alle Formate die ich bisher versucht habe (wma, ogg, m4p, wav) - Arbeitet sehr sehr schnell - das verursacht aber wohl folgendes Manko - kleines Manko: Prozessorlast meine i5 iMac (El Capitan Baujahr 2015) geht auf 100% was zu über 58°C Prozessortemperatur führt.

By FraRi58 on Jan 20, 2018, Germany

Very Good Program

5 star rating

For the price it is a great app for converting my music. Simple to run too. Like the other reviews downloaded the free version to make sure all worked then purchased the full version.

By cowman1130 on Jan 07, 2018, Canada

Good app, but not free.

5 star rating

4.99 per year is a very good price for this converter, why they feel the need to try and “con” you with the FREE in the title, i’m not sure. Great converter that is simple to use, just drag and drop your files, recommended .

By Giantrust on Jan 07, 2018, UK


5 star rating

Se le cose vengono fatte per bene e funzionano va detto! Ecco, questo è un esempio! Ho scaricato precedenti applicazioni simili anche a pagamento (molto care!!!) che dicevano di fare le medesime cose di questa applicazione…risultato?! Ho buttato via soldi.. Quindi consiglio caldamente quest’ultima, poiché è gratuita, è veloce e SOPRATTUTTO FUNZIONA!!

By Riccardoguerra on Dec 29, 2017, Italy